Lazy Gal Hacks for Early Mornings


Up way too early to function? Woke up too late? Hit snooze too many times? Just wanted the extra 5 minutes of sleep that turned into 20? We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. Gals have it rough in the mornings! I, for one, am definitely not a morning person. The more I can sleep, the longer I will press snooze! Seeing as I use these tips quite often, I figured I would pass them along in case any lazy gal like me needs them! These are a few tips and tricks to look put together in the morning even when you don’t feel it! Just because you don’t feel it, doesn’t mean you can’t look the part … Am I right?! Continue reading


5 Things I Can’t Leave the House Without!

KDBBeauty - 5Things

Hey guys! Welcome back! Alright – I know we’re all busy! Running around to and from work, parties, after your kids (If you have them). There are days when I barely have time to grab my purse before running out the door. With that being said, I keep my life in my purse .. Almost.

I have been thinking about this post for a while now; Trying to decide which items are crucial to this list and which are not. I have been making mental notes about what I leave the house with every day, and I feel that this list is a good example of some things that you should never leave the house without! (Or at least, I don’t!) These are things that I feel that I don’t always use but would be upset if I didn’t have them. Without further ado, here is my list of the 5 things a gal should ALWAYS have in her bag! Continue reading

It’s That Time of Year Again!


Hi guys! Welcome back! Today we are going to be talking about what I have decided to give up for Lent. I try to do this every year – Give up something meaningful that is going to help make me better in some way. I have decided that if I write it down here, there is some accountability and I have all of my readers to get mad at me if I don’t accomplish my goal, right?! Let’s talk about what I’m giving up, shall we?!  Continue reading

All About Me – 1st Blog Post!!!


Hello Everyone! 🙂

I am so excited that you have stumbled across my blog! I have been considering creating a beauty blog for quite some time now, and I finally have decided to give it a go!

So – I guess that job one would be to introduce myself to you! Tell you what I’m all about! My yays and nays! Who I am, what I do and what I hope to do in the future! Alright – let’s just get to it, shall we?! Continue reading