K’s Baes | November Edition


Hello KDB Beauty followers! It’s that time again – K’S BAES: Monthly Favourites Time! YAY! I struggled a tad this month, seeing as I have been using the same routine and pretty much the same products all month long. But after I thought about it for a while, I realized that there were a few new favourites that I am super excited to share with you. Interested in what I’m loving this month? Keep reading to find out! Continue reading


K’s Baes | October Edition


Hi everyone! I hope your October and Halloween were great! I know I’m 25, but Halloween is one of my favourite holidays! I love dressing up and wearing a ton of makeup and being something different for one day. This year, I didn’t really have the opportunity to dress up for actual Halloween. But that’s okay – I did try out a few different makeup looks and I wore cute gold glitter cat ears to work. Anyways, enough about Halloween – I know it’s a few days late, but I am here to talk about K’s Baes for October! These have been my obsessions for this month. Interested in what they are? Keep reading! Continue reading

K’s Baes | September Edition


Seriously – Is it just me, or have the last few months just FLOWN by? I can’t believe that it is already October! Soon it will be my birthday, and then Christmas and then a brand new year! Alright, let’s back er down for one second. Fall has just begun and it’s time for the September edition of K’s Baes! I actually wore makeup quite a few times this month; I had some outings, and some weddings. So I have some real products that I feel have been my favs this month! Would you like to see what they are? Keep reading! Continue reading

K’s Baes | May Edition


Hi guys! I am so happy to be writing this post even though it is a few days late. My life has been ridiculously hectic the last few weeks! My fiance (And bridal party, and parents) have been planning our Stag and Doe which is NEXT WEEKEND! Holy moly – It snuck up on me for sure! So I have been super stressed out, trying to get everything ready. So as I write this post, I am happy that it has nothing to do with the wedding or the stag and doe. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited but I need a quick break where I’m not stressing! So – K’s Baes it is! I thought I would do something a little different today… Interested? Keep reading! Continue reading

K’s Baes | April Edition

K's Baes - April

Hi beauties! I’m back! Dear god – I am so so sorry about being so MIA! Work has been crazy and I when I get home, I honestly just want to lay on my couch and do absolutely nothing. But! I am getting over that! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you would have seen that I have been playing around and coming up with some new looks so hopefully I will have some new videos and blog posts up for you soon! But, let’s get onto this post, shall we?!  Continue reading

K’s Baes | March Edition

K 's Baes - March Edition-1

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my blog! It’s that time again; K’s Baes Time! Yay! I was thinking about new blog posts earlier this week and I completely thought that I had missed this month’s favourites post! But then I realized that March wasn’t over yet, so YAY! I don’t have a bunch of products this month..Mostly because I haven’t been able to buy makeup and I have been sticking with my favourites. But there are a few different ones that I figured I would share with you guys! Without further ado, let’s get to it, shall we?! Continue reading

K’s Baes | February Edition

K'S BAES - February

Hello everyone! Welcome back! It’s that time again -My latest edition of K’s Baes! February was kind of a slow makeup month (Seeing as I gave up purchasing makeup for Lent) but I do have a few new makeup products (That I purchased before Lent began) and some new skin care products that I have been using and have fallen in love with! If you would like to see what I have been loving this month, then let’s get to it, shall we?! Continue reading

K’s Baes | January Edition

K's Baes-JanEdition

Hellooooo Everyone! It’s that time again – My Monthly Favourites Time! I have actually been using some different products this month (Although, I also have been using some of the same products – What can I say .. When I find something I like, I stick with it!) But I do have a few new things to add to my favourites list. So, no need for a huge intro, let’s get to it, shall we?! K’s Baes January Edition! Continue reading

K’s Baes | December Edition

K's Baes - December

Hi guys! Welcome back! I told you I would be getting back into the swing of things! Now with the holidays being over, it’s back to business! And we are going to start this new year with … K’S BAES – December Edition! YAY! There are only a few products that I have been obsessed with this month, so if you want to see what they are, let’s get to it, shall we?! Continue reading