Bomb or Bust | Kylie Lip Kit


Hi guys! Welcome back! Today I am going to be giving you my thoughts on the Kylie Lip Kits! If you don’t know what the Kylie Lip Kits are … C’mon… Have you been living under a rock?! They are ALL the rage in matte lip sticks right now. Who doesn’t want their lips to look like Kylie’s .. Seriously. These kits are always sold out and once they restock, they sell out in seconds so it is a tad bit difficult to get your hands on them! Finally, I was able to get two of the shades I wanted; Koko K and Dolce K. Want to know if these kits are worth the hype? Bomb or Bust? Keep reading! Continue reading


Bomb or Bust | Younique Liquid Foundation


Hello beauties! This post has been a LONG time comin’! I have debated about whether or not I wanted to post anything about this product because I am so back and forth on my opinion of it. But I thought that maybe if this helps someone who is looking at purchasing the product, it would be worth it. In case you didn’t get it from the title of this post, the product I am talking about is the Younique Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation. Now I know that there are posts and videos all over Facebook of people raving about this foundation, but I still am on the fence. This foundation is so highly sought after right now and I feel that everywhere I look, someone is saying how amazing it is. I’m just not sure. Stick with me and I’ll explain why! Continue reading

Bomb or Bust | Younique Fibre Lash Mascara

Younique Fibre Lash

Hi everyone and welcome back! This post is going to be a bit different from what I usually do in the Bomb or Bust series. I kind of wanted this to be an on going depiction of what I think about this product and how it changes the more I use it. In this edition of Bomb or Bust, I am going to be reviewing the Younique Moonstruck Fibre Lash Mascara! I know a lot of people have wanted me to try this, so I finally bought it and am trying it out! Interested in my thoughts? Keep reading! Continue reading

Bomb or Bust | UPDATE Edition


Hi guys! Welcome back! I am sorry that I have been MIA this week .. I recorded a YouTube video and I have been having a terrible time trying to edit it. I have started over twice now, so HOPEFULLY it will be up early next week for you guys! But in the mean time, I thought I would do an Bomb or Bust update! You know how it goes – You use a product for a bit, and you have your initial reaction, but we’re gals! Sometimes our opinion changes! I can’t help it! So I am just going to go over real quick some of the products that I have ranted and raved about to discuss how I feel about them now. Are you interested in my update? Keep reading! Continue reading

Bomb or Bust? – Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer

Butter Bronzer

Helllloooo everyone! Welcome back to another edition of Bomb or Bust! YAY! Today we are going to be discussing the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer. I have been using this bronzer non-stop since I got it and it has become my newest obsession! If you are interested in hearing my thoughts about this beautiful product, then let’s get to it, shall we?! Continue reading

Bomb or Bust? – The Body Shop’s Seaweed Skin Care Line


Hi everyone! Welcome back to another edition of Bomb or Bust! This time we will be reviewing a skin care line. As I have stated many times before, I am not one to change up my skin care routine. Like ever. I have very sensitive, acne prone skin and when I find something that works for me, doesn’t break me out or irritate my skin, I stick with it! However, I had heard WAY too many good things about this line to pass it up. I am talking about The Body Shop’s Seaweed Skin Care Line. So I decided to give it a go. Is this product Bomb or Bust? Keep reading to find out! Continue reading

Bomb or Bust? – Nivea Mens Post Shave Balm


Hey everyone! Thanks for coming back! I really wanted to get a YouTube video up this weekend, but unfortunately, the sickness is upon me! I am not feeling well, and I figured no one would want to listen to my stuffed up/sickness/man voice, right?! So I decided to wait on that. But I did want to get in a quick post for you guys since I couldn’t get a video up. I am starting a new series on my blog – Introducing… Bomb or Bust! I will be doing this with different products after trying them a few times to tell you if I think the product is worth purchasing or not! The first one – The Nivea Mens Post Shave Balm! Was this Bomb or Bust? Keep reading to find out! Continue reading