ColourPop Fall Haul


As you very well know, if you have ever read any of my posts or watched any of my videos, I am OBSESSED with ColourPop Cosmetics. This company is one of my all time favourites! They have amazing products (I am mostly obsessed with their lip products but I also own a ton of their shadows), the prices are super affordable (Which definitely doesn’t help out my addiction), and they are cruelty free (Which is a massive importance right now!) Honestly, this company is amazing, the customer service is great and I highly suggest that everyone checks them out! Anyways, onto my latest haul! ColourPop just came out with some really pretty fall colours – They sucked me in and I had to buy a bunch! Let’s get to it, shall we?!

♦ Okay, we will start with the eyeliner I purchased: Mr Bing. If you read my K’s Baes from September, you are probably thinking, “Okay, Don’t you already own that?!” and Yes – you are correct. Months ago, when KathleenLights first released this product, I purchased the Liner Pencil in Mr Bing not really thinking I would like it. But after I received it and started to use it, I fell in love. Seeing as it is a pencil, I couldn’t really use it to make a winged liner or anything so I decided to purchase the creme gel pot in the same shade. They are a bit different in colour, but they are both a gorgeous warm brown and I love them both equally.

♦ Next up – Some shadows. Again, if you have read any of my other ColourPop Haul posts, you will know that I have a love/hate relationship with their shadows. I love the shades and how they are always coming out with new stuff, but the formula hasn’t completely won me over yet. They aren’t a powder; They are kind of like a powder/creme type product. I don’t love the formula, but I absolutely love the shades!

The two shades that I purchased in this haul were Tang and Paradox. Tang is described as a ‘soft dusty plum’ and Paradox is described as a ‘cool-toned burgundy red’. Both of these shades just scream fall to me and I think they are going to compliment each other beautifully as well. I haven’t tried them on my eyes yet, but I did swatch them on my arm and they pigmentation is amazing as always and the colours are so pretty!

tang   paradox

♦ Next up are the Lippie Pencils. I ordered two however, one was not in the box when I received my order. I ordered Tootsi and Ellarie. Tootsi, as you may be aware is one of, if not my all time favourite shade. It is a cool-toned ‘greige’ and I have mentioned before that if I could only pick one lip product to wear for the rest of my life, it would probably be the Tootsi Lippie Stix. So with that being said, I decided to purchase the lip pencil.

For a long time, I couldn’t understand if lip pencils/liners were really all that necessary. I mean, I understand the job they do and what they are made for, but I never really thought that I needed them. Enter – The Kylie Lip Kits. After I purchased a bunch of these, I really see the different that a lip liner makes and I realized that I should probably start purchasing more lip liners!

I also purchased the Ellarie Lippie Pencil because I realized that I don’t have any darker lip pencils; Just nudes and lighter shades. Seeing as I was also purchasing a bunch of dark Lippies from their fall line, I figured I should purchase a lip pencil to go with them. I only realized a few days ago that this product wasn’t sent to me! BOO! (However, customer service has been great and are sending me a replacement!) This pencil is described as a ‘blackened violet’ – How frigin stunning does that sound. This is why I purchased it. I can’t say for sure, but I am assuming this shade is absolutely stunning and I will definitely keep you updated!

♦ And the final products in my haul – Lippies! For starters, I finally ordered the Lippie Primer! In all my ColourPop orders, I have thought about buying the primer, but never did! So happy to finally have this in my collection and to see if it really does help the wear and longevity of the lip products.

The rest of the lippies I purchased were part of their new fall shades that just came out! First up is Femme. Femme is described as a muted dirty lilac and as soon as I saw the shade online, I knew I would love it. It is a bit lighter on my skin tone than in the picture on their website, and much more purple than I thought it would be – I thought it would be a bit more of a mauve, but it is still really pretty.


The next purchase was one of their fall value sets called Can You Knot. This came with three stunning, full sized lip products, perfect for the fall, that I just needed to have. The first shade is Hutch. It was love at first sight with this shade! Similar to the Ellarie pencil, this shade is described as a ‘deep blackened violet’ – Ugh – That just sounds stunning to me! It is also in their Ultra Satin Finish which I find a bit more comfortable and less drying than the Ultra Mattes. I am not going to lie – Application of this shade was tough! But I feel that way with all dark shades. It would have been much easier with a lip liner to ensure a sharp line. Regardless, this colour is GORG and just screams fall to me!


The next shade is Notion. This shade is described as a ‘rich red violet’.  I think this shade is super classy and elegant looking! I think this would be perfect to wear to a fall wedding, or a fall photo shoot. This is an Ultra Matte finish which as I said, can be a tad drying on the lips. But if you take the proper precautions and exfoliate/moisturize your lips before applying it, you shouldn’t find them that uncomfortable. This is much more of a red tone than Hutch. I think this shade is stunning too!


And last but not least is the shade Sookie. This is the shade that really threw me for a loop when I swatched it. It’s a gloss. I do not own any glosses from ColourPop, nor do I really wear glosses to be honest. The colour is really pretty, described as a ‘rich plum’. It applied beautifully, and it was super smooth and comfortable on the lips. I just really don’t think I will be using it that much.


Okay everyone – That concludes my ColourPop Fall Haul! I hope you guys liked it! Aren’t all these shades just beautiful for fall and winter? Did you purchase any of the new fall shades? What did you think of them? Again, if you don’t own anything from ColourPop, I highly recommend checking them out! Such great products!

Thanks for reading, guys! Chat soon! Xoxox



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