Lazy Gal Hacks for Early Mornings


Up way too early to function? Woke up too late? Hit snooze too many times? Just wanted the extra 5 minutes of sleep that turned into 20? We’ve all been there. We’ve all done it. Gals have it rough in the mornings! I, for one, am definitely not a morning person. The more I can sleep, the longer I will press snooze! Seeing as I use these tips quite often, I figured I would pass them along in case any lazy gal like me needs them! These are a few tips and tricks to look put together in the morning even when you don’t feel it! Just because you don’t feel it, doesn’t mean you can’t look the part … Am I right?!

Greasy Hair? – Baby Powder
Okay, so you were going to get up early so you could wash your hair before work. But you were just way too warm and snugly in your bed, so the extra 5 minutes turned into 20 minutes, and now you have zero time for your shower. Easy. Just get some baby powder (Any kind will do. I use the mini bottle that you can purchase at the dollar store just because I find it is easier to work with) and use this as dry shampoo!

I know people are going to say that I am unable to do this because I have the darkest of dark brown hair, but I have never once had an issue with my hair looking discoloured to the point where people think it’s gross. So all I do is just part my hair where I normally would, and sprinkle in a small amount of baby powder. I then run my hands through it to blend it in and make sure that it doesn’t look chalky. And repeat however many times as necessary until you are happy with the result. I repeat this all around my hair line around my face to make sure that everything is even.
*A tip for my brunette gals out there – Start with a small amount and add more as needed. You can always add more to ensure that your hair doesn’t look greasy, but if you dump too much powder in at once, it will be hard to blend in and that is when your hair will start to look grey.. And not the attractive grey, either!

No Time to Curl/Straighten? – Cute Top Knot
Who wouldn’t love to get up everyday – Do their hair and makeup with enough time to eat breakfast, workout and get to work on time. Sometimes, I just don’t have the time! And my hair suffers as a result. If you are unable to curl or straighten your hair, a cute top knot fix can go a long way!

This one is super easy. For a top knot, you can purchase one of those donut things (That looks like a type of spongey donut that is actually for your hair), or you can just make it happen without one. I just pull all my hair back into a ponytail on the top of my head, and then spin it until it wants to wrap onto itself. Do this until all your hair is in a little knot and BAM! You’re done!

A variation of the top knot is a messy bun. This tends to be my favourite as I like how much fuller it looks compared to the top knot. Get your hair on the top of your head, and start twisting your elastic around your hair until you are happy with the result. Again, this can help make it look like you tried to get it together that morning when we all know that you really had no desire.

Tired Eyes? – White/Nude Liner on Waterline
If you are going to be trying to throw on some quick time makeup on the days where you are so tired your eyes won’t even open (Good for you, gal! Love your ambition!)… Putting a white or nude eyeliner on the bottom waterline can help make your eyes look more open and awake and less tired and droopy. Any white or nude liner will do, I use ones from Rimmel which are very affordable yet do the trick brilliantly. I used to be obsessed with white liner on the waterline when I was in high school, but in recent years I have switched to nude. I just feel that a nude liner is less harsh and not so in your face. Just a very subtle type of eye opener, you know?!

Looking Dead? – Glossy Lips
There is something about a pretty glossy lip that really pulls a look together. So for those days when you are trying to throw yourself together in a hurry, try this! Even if you are wearing the lightest foundation or powder and a little bit of mascara, a glossy lip will help make your look complete. Maybe even a gloss with a sheer amount of colour. Like a light pink or red to bring some colour and pop to your lips. Nothing says ‘I got my sh*t together’ like a gal in a blazer with a red glossy lip, Am I Right?!

Running Out of Time? – Multipurpose Products
There is nothing I love more on tired, busy mornings then products that can do more than one thing for me. The less products I have to search for, the better! Try some of these tricks. Use products for things that they may not be intended for…

Mascara can double as an eyeliner. Just get an eyeliner brush, run it through the bristles of your mascara wand, and BAM! Liquid eyeliner without actually having to search through your makeup bag. After your done with the liner, you can throw on your mascara and you are good to go!

Cheek and Lip Duos are another great hack! Instead of finding a blush and a lip colour when you are already pressed for time, you have both in one singular product! In one swipe you can add a pretty colour to your cheeks and your lips. I find that adding colour to your cheeks really helps with looking up and at ’em!

One of my favourite hacks – Using a highlighter as an eyeshadow! Another way to makeup your eyes look wide and awake is to use a light, shimmery colour on the lid. Seeing as your are going to be using highlighter anyways, and most highlighters are light and shimmery shades, why not use this!? Just put a tiny amount on your finger and run it over your lid. A little shimmer and colour to help make your eyes look bright and alive.

Another one of my favourite multi-purpose products is bronzer. Bronzer can be used for many things other than just bronzing up the skin. You can contour with bronzer; This saves you a step when you are in a rush! It also saves you having to find your contour kit when you really don’t have the time or desire. Bronzer can also be used as your transition colour when doing your eyeshadow. Using a bronzer as your transition shade will give the crease of your eye some definition and colour to help it stand out/pop a bit more.

Alright my lazy gals – Those are my tips and tricks to help save you some time in the morning! Like I said, I use many (Or all) of these tricks quite frequently so they have been tested and approved! What are some of your rushed morning tricks? Do any of you have the same as I do? I would love to know your thoughts because honestly, I am always looking for some ways to save me time!

Thanks so much for reading guys! Chat soon! Xoxox



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