Bomb or Bust | Younique Liquid Foundation


Hello beauties! This post has been a LONG time comin’! I have debated about whether or not I wanted to post anything about this product because I am so back and forth on my opinion of it. But I thought that maybe if this helps someone who is looking at purchasing the product, it would be worth it. In case you didn’t get it from the title of this post, the product I am talking about is the Younique Mineral Touch Liquid Foundation. Now I know that there are posts and videos all over Facebook of people raving about this foundation, but I still am on the fence. This foundation is so highly sought after right now and I feel that everywhere I look, someone is saying how amazing it is. I’m just not sure. Stick with me and I’ll explain why!

Let’s start with a little back story.

I heard about Younique through my husband’s stepmom. At the time, she was selling it and really liked the products. For Christmas last year, she bought me the Glorious Face and Eye Primer and the Powder Foundation. Soon after, people were going CRAZY on social media about the liquid foundation so I figured I should try it. Enter – The On-Going Battle.

I will start by saying, when I was using the powder foundation, I was IN LOVE with it. I couldn’t believe the pigmentation that I was getting from a powder. It covered all my blemishes, wasn’t heavy on my skin and I just loved it. I wore it every day for months! Although I loved the powder, I wasn’t so fond of the primer. I really like when primers sink into my skin. I am not the biggest fan of primers that feel like silicone and sit on top of my skin because I feel that it makes my skin feel heavy and greasy. This is how I FELT about this primer (Which is why I never used it again). Now, I know what people are going to say … “That’s the whole purpose of a primer. To fill in your pores and fine lines .. blah blah blah”. Sure. I completely understand that. But for the most part, when I buy primers, they are for mattifying the skin. Which means they feel like a moisturizer and sink into the skin to help keep oils at bay. I guess I was just expecting that same texture/feeling in this primer as well.

Fast forward to when I purchased and received the liquid foundation. First impression: It looked SO orange on my skin even though I had purchased the same colour that I had been using in the powder and it matched perfectly.
(SIDE NOTE – If you have used the powder and are thinking about purchasing the liquid, I would recommend purchasing one shade lighter than the powder you have been using. I was told (after purchasing) that sometimes this happens.)
With that being said, I wasn’t upset because I knew that once the summer hit and my skin was a tad more tanned, it would work fine. Also, the product was super watery, but I wasn’t worried about that either because all the videos I was watching said that you only needed 5 drops to cover your entire face!

The first time I used it, I wasn’t impressed. The 5 drops that everyone claims would cover your face, in fact did not. The redness and imperfections that everyone claims it would cover up, it in fact did not. It looked okay at best. I didn’t love it, but it wasn’t the worst foundation I’ve ever tried. With that being said, every time I use a new foundation, I feel this way. And seeing as I have come to know this about myself, I wasn’t too quick to judge. I decided I would give it a few more times before I formed an opinion. Sadly, after the next few weeks of wearing it on and off, my opinion didn’t change. I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it.

Fast forward to a few months later …

Now it’s summer. My skin is a little more tan, a little less broken out.. I decide that I would give this foundation another try. I figured that I would like it more now, because it would actually match my skin tone. I was correct! The colour matched my skin much better this time around. I also used a different brush to apply it which helped. I still wasn’t using the Glorious Face and Eye Primer with it because I didn’t like the way it felt on my fingers and skin. But all in all – This time around I liked the product much more than I did originally. But again, after using it on and off, there are days that it made my skin look amazing and days that I didn’t like the way it looked and laid on my skin.

Now it’s September…

And I can not get enough of this foundation. I just can’t. Seeing as there are videos all over social media of people using this foundation, I have been watching a few and I just wanted this product to work for me! I decided to not take no for an answer; I was going to like this foundation! So I dug through my Makeup Abyss (Which is a huge drawer where I put the makeup I don’t use every day) and I found the Glorious Face and Eye Primer. I decided that maybe THIS primer really did play a key role in how the foundation applies. Well, Good God – Did it EVER! I put the primer on and let it sink into my skin. After a few minutes, it didn’t feel so greasy, and my skin actually felt quite soft. When I went in with the foundation, my skin looked AMAZING! It laid beautifully over the primer, it didn’t cling to dry patches, it didn’t streak, it covered up all my discolouration .. It was Glorious (See what I did there 😉 ). I am not going to lie – I use way more then 5 drops. I completely cover the top of my brush. Maybe this is why I am liking it more? Because I am getting the coverage that I want. Regardless, I am LOVING this right now. I was also worried that over time, the primer would make my face look oily because of the silicone feel and that it doesn’t claim to be a mattifying primer, but I was pleasantly surprised. After a few hours, I wasn’t a total oily disaster! When I go to do my makeup, it is the only foundation I have been reaching for.

I realize this has been a complete back and forth post. I can’t help it. I have a real Love/Hate relationship with this foundation, but right now .. It is all LOVE. In all seriousness, I would recommend this foundation. Everyone who uses it seems to love it. Just because I go back and forth doesn’t mean that you won’t love it, too! I think that each person has to try products for themselves to see what works for them. Overall, I would say this product has been a bust, but as of now is BOMB. If you have been thinking about trying it, I would say to go for it!

I will definitely keep everyone posted over the next few months to see how it is going with this foundation. Who knows .. Maybe now that I have the application down, it will become my new Ride or Die! Again, I hope that this post helped in some way. I tried to be honest with my experience and with how I feel about the product. I know it is a bit wishy-washy .. But I hope that if you read this post, there was some information that you found helpful!

Have you used this foundation or any other Younique products? What do you think of them? If anyone has any tips or tricks to help with my indecisiveness of this product, I would LOVE to hear them! I do really like this brand and the products that I have purchased, but I would really like to be able to say I love this foundation all the time.

Okay guys – That’s all for now! Thanks for reading and supporting! Chat soon! Xoxox



2 thoughts on “Bomb or Bust | Younique Liquid Foundation

  1. Awesome review!
    I love how brutally honest you are 🙂

    I had a very similar experience with this foundation.
    I started by using my go to primer smashbox photo finish, and my flat top kabuki brush combined with the Younique mineral touch liquid foundation. I found the 3 did not work so well together.
    The foundation tend to cling to my dry patches and had medium coverage at best.

    I refused to give up on this foundation as you did, so I changed my methods a little.
    I purchased the glorious face and eye primer( which I am a huge fan of) and younique’s foundation brush.
    that’s all it took! I was sold. My foundation had never looked so good, and felt and even smelt fantastic.
    It has definitely become my holy Grail foundation. I love it so much that I decided to dip into their other products and I’m so glad I did.
    I am such a huge fan of younique that I have become a presenter.


    • Love this gal! I just need to keep working with it to find the perfect balance for me! I refuse to give up until I have found it! If I need any other products, you’re my gal! 😉 Thanks so much for reading! Xox


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