My Current Go-To Eye Look + 100 Followers!

My Current Go To Eye Look

Hi everyone! I just thought I would get a quick post up on my most current Go-To Glam Makeup Look! If I need to look really put together, if I am feeling a really dramatic look, or if I just actually have some time to do a full makeup look, this is the look that I do. I wore this look to my best friend’s mom’s birthday party as well as a Stag and Doe recently and I have never received so many comments on my makeup!  For me, it’s so easy yet still very put together and glamorous! Without further ado, let’s get to it, shall we?! 

So this is the eye look – 


I just love the green/browns in this look – It really makes my eyes POP and look big and bright and open. This look uses the new BH Cosmetics x Shaaanxo Palette which I LOVE! Okay – So here is a list of the products used:

L   i   d    P   r   i   m   e   r
NARS Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base

L   i   d    B   a   s   e
Any Black Pencil Eyeliner (I use a Rimmel one)

T   r   a   n   s   i   t   i   o   n    S   h   a   d   e
Always Sunny by MAC

L   i   d    S   h   a   d   e
Shaaanxo Palette’s Duo-Chrome shade

C   r   e   a   s   e    S   h   a   d   e
Shaaanxo Palette’s Darkest Shade

B   r   o   w    B   o   n   e    H   i   g   h   l   i   g   h   t
Shaaanxo Palette’s Shimmery Cream Shade

M   a   s   c   a   r   a
My one and only – Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

The liner I use changes all the time – Sometimes I use liquid liner, sometimes I wear gel liner .. Depends what mood I’m in.

For lips, I usually stick with a nude just because the eye look is so dramatic. Some of my favs are ColourPop Tootsi which is a sort of dark nude/mauve/brown type shade (And one of my favourites of all time!) Or the Bonnebell Cappuccino gloss from the drug store.

But really – That’s it! Those are all the products to create this smokey/sexy yet, oh so easy eye look! After I add each shade, I make sure to blend everything out with MAC’s Always Sunny to make sure there are no harsh lines and I just deepen the crease until I am happy with the way it looks. I also sometimes use MAC Fix+ to make that duo chrome shade look super intense (I prefer the way it looks this way!)

I have been obsessed with this palette since I got it and this look is by far my favourite that I have created! The range of shades in this palette is perfect for day looks or night looks and they are all just so pretty! If you don’t have this in your collection, I highly recommend picking it up!

Okay, so on a completely separate note – I recently received a notification saying that I had 100 followers on my blog. I honestly couldn’t believe it! When I started this blog, it was sort of a gamble; I didn’t know how it would go. Everyone is doing this whole Makeup Blog/YouTube Channel thing and I wasn’t sure if that would discourage me or if anyone would even be interested. But seeing that there are 100 people who like what I am writing about (I mean, enough to follow the blog) it is honestly so exciting! And I wanted to THANK each and every one of you who follows this blog from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART! I know 100 may not be a lot to some, but it really is to me! So Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Okay guys – I guess that’s it for now! I probably won’t be posting for a few days as my Stag and Doe is on Saturday and we have been CRAZY busy getting that all together. But I will be back soon with some new looks and posts for you guys!

Thanks so much for reading! Chat soon! Xoxox



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