K’s Baes | May Edition


Hi guys! I am so happy to be writing this post even though it is a few days late. My life has been ridiculously hectic the last few weeks! My fiance (And bridal party, and parents) have been planning our Stag and Doe which is NEXT WEEKEND! Holy moly – It snuck up on me for sure! So I have been super stressed out, trying to get everything ready. So as I write this post, I am happy that it has nothing to do with the wedding or the stag and doe. Don’t get me wrong, I am very excited but I need a quick break where I’m not stressing! So – K’s Baes it is! I thought I would do something a little different today… Interested? Keep reading!

Lately, I have been wearing the same makeup that I have been for months. I have been feeling unmotivated to actually try new products or looks or anything. With that in mind, every time I purchase new makeup, I become obsessed with it and it makes it into my K’s Baes for that month. So I figured I would just cut the middle man, and just tell you about the products that I have purchased this month! I have some palettes, lip products, and some other different things that I am excited to share with you obviously because they are new! Let’s get into it, shall we?!

There are three orders I received this month; ColourPop, BH Cosmetics, and Gerard Cosmetics. Probably all three of my very favourite brands. I can’t even believe it has taken me this long to talk about these beauties. I will start with the earliest order to the most recent order. Let’s chat new products!

C   o   l   o   u   r   P   o   p    O   r   d   e   r

This order might be my most favourite of the month. Of course, when ColourPop came out with their new MatteX Lippies, you know I had to get my hands on them! Some of the colours were WAY too bright or out there for me, but I did get a couple and I think they are just beautiful! I did get a few other products too, but most of the order was the MatteX Lippies. When I received them, of course I had to swatch them:

 ColourPopLook how beautiful they are! 

Okay so from the top, we have: Marshmellow Ultra Satin Lip, Zulu Creme Gel Liner, Fast Lane Creme Gel Liner, and then the MatteX Lippies: She Bad, Pillow Talk, Climax, Topless, Chateau, and Cami. The first two shades (She Bad and Pillow Talk) are the most beautiful nude shades. I think I will be wearing these two quite frequently. Those two in the middle (Climax and Topless) are probably way too crazy for me to wear ever… But I had to have them. They are so bright and summery – So pretty! I am just so in love with ColourPop – Formulas are great, colours are great, and the prices are great. I can’t say enough good about this brand! Check them out if you haven’t already!

B   H    C   o   s   m   e   t   i   c   s    O   r   d   e   r

This order is very different for me as well. I received an email saying that BH was giving away a free surprise palette with orders over 30$ so you know that caught my interest. A friend of mine and I were talking about this really cool idea she had for a photoshoot – Long story short – I realized that I don’t really have any colourful eye shadow palettes! I mean, sure I have ones with some colour, but not bright pinks and oranges and yellows because I don’t ever wear those shades! So I decided to step out of my comfort zone, and buy some colourful palettes!

BH CosmeticsSo much colour! And you can’t even see in the ‘Take Me To Brazil’ palette!

First of all, yes. I know that the top left palette (The Essential Eyes Palette) is not a colourful palette. But I have heard that this is a great neutrals palette to have in your collection and seeing that neutrals are pretty much ALL I wear – I needed to have it. Next to that one is the Foiled Eyes Palette and the small palette is my free lip palette! And next to that one – The Show Stopper! The Take Me To Brazil palette! This palette is so bright and colourful and SO not me! But I absolutely love it. I think that I will be able to come up with some amazing looks with these palettes. Can’t wait to start playing!

And my third order this month:

G   e   r   a   r   d    C   o   s   m   e   t   i   c   s    O   r   d   e   r 

Okay – So I have to admit, I haven’t received this order yet but it should be here any day now! And I am very excited about it! My very first online makeup brand LOVE was Gerard Cosmetics. So I always want to support their company as they have always supported my makeup addiction 😉 . When they came out with their new setting sprays, I really wanted to try them but I have been trying to save money. As I have mentioned before, Weddings aren’t cheap! But I finally decided it was time to splurge so I put in an order and never looked back.

GerardCosmeticsThese are the beauties I am waiting on!

The thing I am most excited to try are the Slay All Day Setting Sprays! I ordered Green Tea and Lavender because I absolutely love those scents. I am also super excited to get the Star Powder in Grace because I have heard SO many good things about it. It looks like the most beautiful white/gold highlight – I think it’s going to look amazing on my tanned skin this summer! And of course,  I had to order my FAVOURITE brow powder that I use every day the Brow Bar To Go. The first time I ordered the Blonde/Medium one, and this time I ordered the Brunette/Ebony one as my eyebrows are practically black anyways.

I am very happy to have all these new babies in my collection (Or almost in my collection) and I hope you liked this edition of K’s Baes! I am trying to keep things interesting and change things up a bit with my posts. I know these may not be my May Favs, but I can assure you, some of these will definitely be my June Favs!

Thanks so much for reading guys! Chat soon! Xoxox



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