Bomb or Bust | Younique Fibre Lash Mascara

Younique Fibre Lash

Hi everyone and welcome back! This post is going to be a bit different from what I usually do in the Bomb or Bust series. I kind of wanted this to be an on going depiction of what I think about this product and how it changes the more I use it. In this edition of Bomb or Bust, I am going to be reviewing the Younique Moonstruck Fibre Lash Mascara! I know a lot of people have wanted me to try this, so I finally bought it and am trying it out! Interested in my thoughts? Keep reading!


Let’s give a little background on this mascara For those of you who don’t know what it is (Although, I’m sure everyone does); It is a three step process. You first add a coat of the transplanting gel to your lashes (It has the exact consistency of any other mascara that you have used). Then you add the fibres (which are made of rayon) while the transplanting gel is still wet; That way the fibres stick the the gel creating more volume and length. And lastly, you add another coat of the transplanting gel to ensure that all the fibres are stuck to the lashes and aren’t going anywhere. This mascara is supposed to give you amazing volume and length from the fibres that are used.

With that being said, I was absolutely terrified to try this mascara for a long time. I had read some SERIOUS horror stories on Facebook and I did not want any of that to happen to me. These are TINY little fibres … They get in your eye and who knows what could happen! Regardless, I finally decided to stop being a baby and give it a shot. A ton of people I know absolutely love this mascara and you know that the more I heard about it, the more I wanted to try it!

So – I have had this mascara for 3 days now, and I have used it twice. So far, I am not in love with it at all. First things first, I feel that the transplanting gel makes my lashes clumpy immediately. Then when I go to put the fibres on, I feel that they just clump up as well because there are SO many little fibres on that brush. And then when I put another coat of the transplanting gel on, to set everything in place, I feel that no matter how much I put on, the fibres are still coming off my lashes. If I touch my lashes with my finger, the fibres come off.

With that being said, I spoke to my friend who I buy all my Younique products from, and she gave me some really great tips and ideas on what to do to get this mascara to work for me. So I will be giving those a shot and I will update you with how it has been working.

Okay – So this is the first day I had this mascara. In this picture, the left eye has the Younique Fibre Lash on it. The right eye has my all time favourite Too Faced Better Than Sex. As you can see, the left eye (although a tad clumpy) looks much darker and it looks like the lashes have much more volume.

FibreMascara-DayOneAs you can see, my lashes do look long, but still a bit clumpy for my liking. I am starting to get the hang of the application process though. My friend who sells Younique gave me some great tips on how to help with length and volume.

Look at the length! Starting to like it a bit more!

Okay – So after almost two weeks of using this mascara religiously – Only on my top lashes – Here are my most current thoughts!

I do like it. I think it makes my lashes long and black. I don’t, however, like how clumpy it makes my lashes. Even if I try to separate with them a comb, they are still really clumped together. Depending on how much of the fibre you put on, they can get rather voluminous at the base of the lashes, but then I get nervous that the fibres are going to fall in my eyes and make me blind. I know that’s crazy, but these are the thoughts that go through my head.

I will definitely continue to use it but I probably wouldn’t purchase it again. I still love my Too Faced Better Than Sex more than any other mascara. But the Younique mascara does make my lashes look pretty and when I wear a really smokey eye, my lashes are much more prominent with this mascara. All in all, this mascara is BOMB and BUST. This is (So far) the only product I have reviewed that I don’t have a definitely, stone cold, hard opinion of! I feel like, maybe people should try it for themselves to see if it does what you need it to or what you look for in a mascara. So many people have praised this mascara and I am super happy that I finally tried it!

That’s it guys. I hope you liked this review. It has been a process getting used to using this application process, but it is getting easier every day. If you guys are interested in purchasing any Younique products and are in the Niagara Region, please message me and I will give you the name of my supplier. She’s amazing! The products are great, too!

Thanks for reading guys! Chat soon! Xxoxo



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