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My New Loves

Hi everyone! Again, I apologize for being MIA this week. Things are getting super hectic at work with Spring finally here! But I thought I would get a quick post up about my latest makeup haul. Late last week, I received a few packages in the mail; Two of which I was super excited about! I received some products from ColourPop Cosmetics as well as BH Cosmetics – Two of my very favourite makeup brands! Would you like to see what I got? Let’s get to it, shall we?!

Okay – Let’s start with the ColourPop order. As you are probably aware, I love ColourPop Cosmetics. I may not always be in love with their formulas, but the prices are right and the products are amazing! In this order, I bought some Ultra Satin Lippies, some eye shadows and their new brow products! Here is the haul/swatch of the products… Now let’s chat about them, shall we?!

Colourpop1 Colourpop2

We’ll go from the top of the swatch picture just to keep things easy.

– R   e   l   e   v   e –

This is ColourPops first type of ‘cream highlight‘. It is a creamy white/yellowy shade and is supposed to go anywhere on your face where you would like to highlight. I have not tried this on my face yet, but when I swatched it on my arm, it blended like a dream! I am very excited to try this out!

– N   e   w   R   e   n   a   i   s   s   a   n   c   e –

Of course, to go with the highlight, you need a contour! I am super pumped about this shade. I was worried when I bought it that it was going to be too warm (I am a cooler toned contour gal) But it really isn’t. It is slightly warm but not enough to turn me off. Again, I haven’t tried this on my face yet, but it too blends like a dream. I plan on using both these products this weekend so I will keep you guys posted!

 – P   o   l   i   t   e   S   o   c   i   e   t   y –

This product was in collaboration with Jaime King (Who was in White Chicks for those of you who are unaware … I know she’s been in a million things more popular than that movie but that’s what I remember her from!) Anyways – I saw the Lippie Stick and Pencil on the site when her line came out and they looked really pretty! The description says that it is a ‘warm peachy nude’… Holy hell. If either of these shades are nude, then I don’t even know what a nude is! The lippie stick is almost like an orange colour .. Whereas the pencil is super pink. Maybe it’s my skin tone.. But wow. I can asure you I will never be wearing either of these shades.

– U   l   t   r   a   S   a   t   i   n   L   i   p –

So next up are the 2 Ultra Satin Lips that I purchased. The first one is in Magic Wand. I remember when I saw KathleenLights’ video of all the swatches, Magic Wand was a really pretty, light nude and I knew that I would need that in my life. When I swatched it, it was a bit more on the brown side but that doesn’t bother me; I love the brown/nude/taupe shades!

The next one I purchased was Frick N Frack. As you can see from the swatch, this one is much darker; Almost like a brick red/brown shade (I believe it’s considered ‘Terracotta’). This shade is super stunning as well! I wore this a few days ago doing errands with one of my girlfriends and it was comfortable to wear, and it lasted all day. I really like this formula; It is almost like the Ultra Mattes but more comfortable to wear because they are less drying. If you like the Ultra Mattes, try out some of the Ultra Satins – You will love them!

The next thing up (That isn’t in the swatch picture)

– B   a   n   g   i   n   B   r   u   n   e   t   t   e   E   y   e   b   r   o   w   C   o   l   o   u   r –

I have been wanting to try a brow product like this (I want to call it a pomade but I’m not sure if that is the correct term). I always use pencils because I like the way that makes my brows look, and it’s quick and easy. I have been debating purchasing the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow pomade for quite some time now, but I just couldn’t fathom paying for it. So when I saw that ColourPop was making a similar product at a fraction of the price, I was sold! I bought the colour Bangin’ Brunette because usually my pencils and all my brow products I buy in brunette. I think this colour is a bit too light for my brows. In hindsight, I probably should have picked up the black/brown shade, but I can probably make this one work. I have only tried it once, so I will have to play around with it a bit more to see if it is going to work for me!

Now onto the stars of the show (Or order …)

– S   u   p   e   r   S   h   o   c   k   S   h   a   d   o   w –

Okay – So of course, the whole reason behind this ColourPop order was because KathleenLights used these two shadows in one of her recent videos and the look was so stunning that I had to buy them. The 2 colours are Flower Shop and Luckfully. Honestly, tell me they aren’t absolutely stunning. Flower Shop is a beautiful teal shade that is perfect for Spring and Luckfully is a gorgeous royal blue. The swatch picture doesn’t even do these colours justice – They are so much more stunning in person! I have been playing around with these shadows and I will be posting a look using them very soon!

So that’s it for the ColourPop side of things – Now onto BH Cosmetics.

A few months ago, while going through YouTube videos, I came across Shaaanxo‘s channel and instantly fell in love with her. Her videos were (for the most part) short, and to the point, her looks were beautiful and her accent is just amazing to listen to! After a few months of watching all her videos, she announced that she was coming out with her own palette in collaboration with BH Cosmetics. Of course, I signed up for all the notifications and early access and all that jazz because I needed that palette!

Finally – After months of waiting for the palette to come out, and weeks of waiting for the palette to get to my house – It arrived last week!


Shaaan2 Shaaan3

Isn’t it stunning!!!

So as you can see, it comes with 9 eye shadows and 9 lip sticks – All in one adorable, convenient palette! The shadows include some matte shades and some shimmer shades with one beautiful duo chrome colour as well! The colours are so pretty and as soon as I saw that it came in the mail, I busted it out and started playing around with the shades. As of now, my favourite shades are the light, shimmery pink (Top right), the yellow shade (Middle left) and the duo chrome shade (Bottom middle).

As for the lipsticks, I was a little less excited about these only because they are not really shades I wear. For the most part, the top two rows I will never wear. I do really dig the darker shades, as well as the more ‘nude’ shades (Middle left and Bottom left). The first day I got this palette, I was immediately drawn to the darkest shade (Bottom right). Right away, I knew that I wouldn’t be using these much because you have to get the lip sticks out of the pan with a brush and I am not the biggest fan of that. I prefer my lip sticks to be in tube form! Anyways, I figured I would try not to be so cynical and try it out before I made my decision. The colour was so pretty, however when I tried to take it off, I felt like it had stained my lips a tad! My lips were the slightest pink colour after and I used coconut oil, and makeup wipes to remove it! Maybe it’s because the shade is so dark, and that is fine but it kind of threw me for a loop! I have also tried both the nude shades and they are pretty as well.

Over all – LOVE the shadows, not too crazy about the lip sticks. I have only had this palette for a week now, so my opinion is bound to change once I play with it a bit more!

That’s it guys! Those are all my new babies! I would like to say to all my newbies – #WelcomeToTheFam ❤ I hope you guys liked this post and if you are interested in any of the products, click the pink links to check them out!

Thanks so much for reading guys! Chat soon! Xoxox



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