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7 Beauty Must Haves

Hi guys! Welcome back! Today’s post is going to be My 7 Beauty Must Haves! These are products (Not brands) that I feel everyone needs to in their beauty repertoire to ensure that your makeup and skin look flawless. These are products that I personally use and absolutely can not go without. Everyone has their holy grails; these are some of mine! If you are interested in reading about what products are my beauty must haves, then let’s get to it, shall we?!


We will start with #1 – Exfoliant/Scrub. This is a big one for me. I used to think that scrubs were way too harsh on my sensitive/acne prone skin, so I rarely used them. It wasn’t until I found the Body Shop Tea Tree Scrub that I fell in love with exfoliating my skin! Using a scrub ensures that all of the makeup and dirt is out of your pores, and gets rid of all the dead skin cells to ensure that your skin is looking beautiful. I exfoliate every night. I know people say that you shouldn’t, but I feel that this works for me. It does not make me break out, it helps keep my dry patches under control, and my skin feels SO SOFT after exfoliating. Everyone should have a great scrub to make their skin look and feel beautiful. These are some of my favourites:

Click for enlarged view   





#2 – Moisturizer. Again, this is a big one for me. When I was younger, before I knew anything about skin care/makeup, I always thought that because I have oily skin, I didn’t need to moisturize. I felt like the oil was enough to deal with and adding anything else would make it greasier. However, this is definitely not the case. Everyone needs to moisturize, regardless of what type of skin you have! It took me quite some time to realize, but moisturizing my face can sometimes actually reduce the production of oil. If you have oily skin like me, you know that sometimes moisturizers can be too heavy on the skin, making us feel extremely oily. All you need is a lighter moisturizer, and this will solve that problem. Moisturizers are especially helpful in the winter when everything is so dry; It will actually help your makeup go on smoother by adding some plumpness to your skin. I can not imagine not using moisturizer now. I use a light moisturizer during the day, and a thick one (Or sometimes even an oil) at night time to let it really sink in and help moisturize my skin at night. Again, everyone should be using a moisturizer regardless of age, skin type, whatever! Here are some of my favourites:

Click for enlarged view
Click for enlarged view





Side Note – Could I say moisturizer ANY MORE in that blurb?! Haha!


#3 – Primer. I never go without a primer if I am wearing makeup. Never. I love primers! If you haven’t tried a primer, I suggest doing so immediately. I, of course, use mattifying/pore filling primers because that is what my skin needs to look flawless. But, if you are not an oily skin gal, there are primers for all sorts of other skin types and problems; hydrating primers for dry skin, smoothing primers for textured skin, colour correcting primers for redness – You name it, there is a primer for it! Using a primer not only preps your skin for makeup application by filling in fine lines and pores, but it also helps your makeup apply more evenly and helps your makeup stay in place all day. Primers are super important if you want your makeup to stay put for a night out, or even just a day at the office. There are also primers for eyelids and lips to ensure that every aspect of your makeup is looking its best! I have used A LOT of different primers, trying to find ones that help keep me matte and make my pores look smaller. Here are a few that I found do the trick!:








#4 – Powder.  Alright guys; If you read my last post, this one shouldn’t be much of a surprise to you. I NEED POWDERS! I love powders! If I am wearing makeup, I am wearing powder. Even if I’m not wearing makeup, sometimes I wear powder. I would die without powder (Probably not die – But I would be devastated – You get the picture right?) Because I have oily skin, I need to set my makeup or it will be a hot mess in a couple hours. Along with setting my makeup, I always have powder in my bag to blot and remove excess oil from my face during the day. I feel that powder helps make my skin look flawless! I know that some dry skin gals don’t use powders because it makes their dry skin worse, but I think that everyone should have a powder in their bag for touch ups. I wouldn’t leave my house without one! Here are some of my favourites:


#5 – Bronzer. Seriously – who doesn’t love a sun kissed glow all year long?! I rarely have time to tan, even in the summer, so a bronzer is a MUST for me, all year round! Depending on what I plan on doing with my makeup, I either use bronzer just to warm up my skin and give it some definition, or I use bronzer to contour. I always feel like bronzer gives your skin just a little something extra; A little more life. Even if I am doing the most basic makeup, I will just throw on a bit on bronzer on my cheeks just to give my face some colour (Especially in the winter, when I am so pasty I almost look like a corpse.) In the winter, I prefer cooler toned bronzers, as the warmer tones really make me look orange. In the summer though, when my skin is a bit more tanned, the warmer the glow the better! I feel that everyone can use bronzers, no matter your skin tone or type, and it will just give your skin a beautiful bronzed look. Here are some of my favourite bronzers:

Butter Bronzer Murumuru Butter Bronzer







#6 – Mascara. As you are aware, if you have read ANY of my posts, I am a mascara fanatic! I love mascara; I love to try all the new mascaras; I just love them. If you read my Mascara 101 post, you would know I am a volume gal! I look for any and all mascaras that claim to give tons of volume! I am not going to ramble about mascaras, because you can just read my previous post and learn all you need to know about my obsession with mascaras. I will just say that I feel mascara is one of the most important products when doing your makeup. I feel that mascara adds a little something to your look like nothing else can. I just can’t. I love them. That is all.






UGH – Aren’t they just beautiful! ❤

Alright – Last but not least …

#7 – Lip Balm. I can not go a day without applying a lip balm. I am never without a lip balm in my bag or in my pocket. Moisturizing your lips is SO important in the winter and in the summer! In the winter, everything gets so dry, that keeping your lips moisturized will keep them from getting chapped or cracking (Which NO ONE wants!) And in the summer, using a lip balm with SPF in it, will ensure that your lips don’t get burnt from the sun (Which again – Brutal). It doesn’t have to be a crazy expensive lip balm, but I really feel that no one should be without one! It is especially important if you plan on wearing a liquid lipstick all day (Seeing as they can be very drying!) that your lips have moisture in them to combat the dryness! No one wants to kiss dry, chapped lips, gals! Am I right?! Do yourself a favour, and keep your lips moisturized, okay?!






Alright – That’s it! Those are my 7 beauty must haves that I feel everyone should add to their beauty collection! I feel that all of these products help my skin or my makeup look their best and I really can’t see me doing my makeup without them! What are some of your beauty must haves? Do you have some of the same? Let me know!

Thanks so much for reading guys! Chat soon! Xoxox



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