5 Things I Can’t Leave the House Without!

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Hey guys! Welcome back! Alright – I know we’re all busy! Running around to and from work, parties, after your kids (If you have them). There are days when I barely have time to grab my purse before running out the door. With that being said, I keep my life in my purse .. Almost.

I have been thinking about this post for a while now; Trying to decide which items are crucial to this list and which are not. I have been making mental notes about what I leave the house with every day, and I feel that this list is a good example of some things that you should never leave the house without! (Or at least, I don’t!) These are things that I feel that I don’t always use but would be upset if I didn’t have them. Without further ado, here is my list of the 5 things a gal should ALWAYS have in her bag!

For starters: Lip balm
Honestly, I am NEVER without a lip balm of some sort. I can’t go half an hour without applying it (Unless of course I’m wearing a lipstick). It is important to keep your lips hydrated, especially in these cold/dry winter months! That way, when you decide to wear lipstick, your lips are moisturized and ready for all day wear! Also, I load my lips up in a medicated lip balm when I go to sleep. I feel this is the best way to intensely moisturize your lips, seeing as when you are sleeping, you’re not eating or talking so the lip balm stays put and does it’s job. When I wake up in the morning, my lips are soft and supple and ready for the day! It doesn’t have to be an expensive lip balm, most of my favourites are from the drug store. I couldn’t live without a good lip balm!


Hair tie
All my long hair girls will understand this one! My hair is LONG! And heavy. When I want to look nice (Or just when I feel that I should put in a little bit of extra effort) I will straighten or curl my hair. Now don’t get me wrong, it looks nice – All long and flowing – but for the most part, it is a PAIN. Especially in the winter when the static is just out of control! My hair is usually all over the place, static clinging to whatever is around me! (That’s a thing …) Usually about half way through my work day, I will throw my hair up in a ponytail or a bun … It looked nice for half the day, that counts right?! And if in some miracle I can make it through the whole work day with my hair down, there is no better feeling than putting it in the highest, messiest bun when I get home from work! (Well, other than taking off your bra at the end of the day.. Am I right, gals?!) I usually carry a hair tie on my wrist because I know that I am going to use it at some point during the day. But I always have an extra in my bag, just in case!

Compact/Blotting Papers
If you have read any of my previous posts, this one is obvious. I have very oily skin, and I am very aware of it. I am constantly blotting my face throughout the day. Regardless of what primers, foundations, setting sprays I use, the oil somehow finds a way to ruin my days. I always have a compact in my purse to freshen up the t-zone when it gets oily, but sometimes I don’t want to add more makeup to my face. Sometimes it’s just nice to get rid of the oil without caking up. That’s what the blotting papers are for. And if you are in a pinch, with no other options, 1 ply toilet paper will work just as good. (Yes, I know .. Not the classiest way to blot your face but hey! It’s cheap, it works, and there is always toilet paper around! … Or should be!) I have tried a few different types, and I have heard some great things about brands that I am excited to try. I am partial to the Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. They were the first ones I tried. They were the ones that gave me hope that I wouldn’t have to go through life an oily mess.

    Oil Absorbing Sheets

Hand cream
So I even surprised myself with this one. In the summer, I hate creams. Hand cream, body lotion .. Whatever it may be, I am not a fan. When it’s hot, and you sweat and the cream and sweat mix to make a kind of greasy, slippery disaster. Absolutely not for me. But in the winter, when everything is as dry as a desert, creams are a must! I always thought that creams irritated my hands more than helped them, but this winter I have been obsessed with hand creams. I use them numerous times a day to make sure they my hands are nicely moisturized. It really does make a difference on your skin. I have become obsessed with The Body Shop Strawberry Body Lotion – It smells heavenly! And it doesn’t make my hands feel all greasy and gross which is a plus! I also love the Aveeno Body Lotion because it has natural ingredients and doesn’t bother my skin at all. I can’t promise that I will continue to use lotions in the summer, but for now, I am loving them!

Click for enlarged view

Seriously – Do I even need to write anything for this? You never know when you are going to need to be minty fresh! What if you have a job interview, or are suddenly stuck in an elevator with a serious stud, or run into an old boyfriend … You need to be ready for these things! Some people are afraid of gum; Saying its bad for your jaw or your teeth, but I love gum. I am a minty gal, all the way – None of these fruity gums, that doesn’t cut it for me! I usually buy the gums that claim to have teeth whitening power – I don’t know if they work but it’s worth a shot, right?! My fiance is in love with the Lifesavers Spearmint Mints. They are seriously scattered all around our apartment, so it never surprises me when I find one in my bag. It almost reminds me of that Friends episode, when Monica and Ross’ grandmother dies and they find the Sweet & Low packets everywhere! (Where my Friends lovers at?!) That’s what it’s like at my house – Only Josh didn’t die and there are mints everywhere, not sweetner… Same thing, right?

Okay guys – That’s it for this post. This was a bit of a different post for me, but I hope you liked it. What is in your bag? What products do you not leave the house without? Are there any of the same products? I bet there are! We are girls, we can’t help it!

Thanks for reading guys! Chat soon! Xoxox



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