K’s Baes | February Edition

K'S BAES - February

Hello everyone! Welcome back! It’s that time again -My latest edition of K’s Baes! February was kind of a slow makeup month (Seeing as I gave up purchasing makeup for Lent) but I do have a few new makeup products (That I purchased before Lent began) and some new skin care products that I have been using and have fallen in love with! If you would like to see what I have been loving this month, then let’s get to it, shall we?!

Okay – So as I said, I have not purchased any new makeup since the beginning of Lent. However, I had just received my latest Sephora order in the mail right before Lent began. I was waiting to try some of these products, because I was thinking about doing a first impression video, but the longer I waited the more I wanted to try them. So obviously, I couldn’t resist. It was a force bigger than me! (Calm down, Carrie Bradshaw!) Anyways, let’s get into the February Edition of K’s Baes!

Let’s start with skin care. I read A LOT about The Body Shop “Seaweed” Line from reviews to pros and cons of each product before deciding to give it a whirl. My interest in this line sparked when I was looking to buy my favourite scrub from their Tea Tree line and it was OOS online. After panic had set in, I decided to look into other options on their site. I had read a ton of good things about the Seaweed Toner online. How it was less harsh than the Tea Tree toner, how it was great for combination skin so I decided I would give the toner a try. Once I got to the store, everything was 40% off so you know I couldn’t leave there with JUST the toner! I ended up purchasing the facial wash, the toner and the mattifying day cream. For those of you who have read any of my previous posts, you know that I HAD to have that cream. I was a tad nervous that this was going to break me out, but so far so good! When I use the wash and the toner, my skin feels SO clean and soft; And the mattifying cream helps to keep my oily issues at bay without making my dry patches worse than they are. So far I am loving this line! If you find the Tea Tree line too harsh for your skin, I would highly recommend trying this one. It is a bit toned down, but still amazing! Super happy with this purchase

PS – These are skin care products… So for all of you who think that I cheated by purchasing these during Lent, I technically didn’t! Skin care and makeup are very different things, I’ll have you know! 😉

Benefit Cosmetics – The POREfessional Matte Rescue Mattifying Gel. This is quickly becoming one of my all time favourite products. I purchased this when Casey Holmes raved about how great of a product it was. Once I heard “Mattifying Gel” I knew I needed it. For starters, this product smells amazing. If you don’t like floraly scents, then you may want to reconsider, but I adore that smell. (It smells just like the POREfessional face primer which I also absolutely love!) This product is supposed to be used after moisturizer but before primers. I use this as a primer by itself (Using the POREfessional on my huge pore areas) and it has been working great. As I always say, I have to blot during the day regardless of what primer/foundation/setting spray I use; So that’s not a big issue for me.But I do think this product keeps my oil under control for longer than many other primers that I have used. I really like this and I hope it continues to work for me. If you have oily skin, I would highly recommend trying this one out!

Dior – Diorskin Forever Perfect Makeup. Yes. Just yes. If you read my last ‘Foundation 101’ post, you already know how I feel about this foundation. I purchased this after Casey Holmes (Yes, I am obsessed with her. I watch all her videos and buy whatever she mentions .. So what?!) talked about this in one of her videos. The description of this product made me want to purchase this immediately. Now, I did mention this … but this foundation is expensive. I have never spent that kind of money on a foundation but so far it has been worth every penny. It makes my skin look absolutely beautiful; Covers up all my scarring and discolouration without looking cakey at all. This foundation blends flawlessly and is the perfect shade for my skin. I absolutely adore this foundation – I can’t promise that I will repurchase this due to the price – But I can’t promise I won’t because of how amazing it really is!

SuperShockCheek-cruel-intentions ColourPop Cosmetics Blush in Cruel Intentions. For those of you who have read my other ColourPop posts, or watched my second YouTube video, you know that I am not the biggest fan of the ColourPop formula. I don’t love the creamy texture of the shadows or the highlighters, but of course I had to buy a blush just to see if it was the same. Even though I don’t like the formula, the colour of this blush is beautiful! When I first took it out of the package, I thought it was going to be way too dark but it really isn’t. Its the perfect pink shade for me, as I don’t really like the ‘baby pink’ type blushes. I like a bit more of a dark shade and this one is perfect. I have been using this non stop since I got it and I think it is absolutely beautiful! If you’re looking for some new blushes, ColourPop has a ton of shades and they are very reasonably priced!

oilsAnd last but not least – Young Living Essential Oil. This month, I have become obsessed with the blend of two oils – Rosemary and Citrus Fresh. I have no idea why these two work together, but they do and the smell is incredible! I have also been putting this combo on my diffuser bracelet for work because I just love it so much! Rosemary is known to promote clarity and insight; Citrus is known to bring feelings of calmness, creativity and joy. Together these oils make me feel relaxed and content, which is awesome when I get home from a stressful day at work. The scents together really compliment each other and I am in love. If you have these oils, and have never tried this combination – DO IT! You will thank me!

Alright guys – That’s it for this edition of K’s Baes! I hope you liked this post! Do you guys love any of these products? Do you have any of the same obsessions as mine? On a happier note – Only 26 more days of not buying makeup!! Watch out makeup – I’m comin for ya!

Thanks for reading! Chat soon! Xoxox



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