If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular? The Valentine’s Day Bra-ject!

ThirdLove Post

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Today’s post is a little bit different – Something new and fresh and creative that I am extremely excited to share with you guys! Let’s talk about The Valentine’s Day Bra-ject, shall we?


I don’t care who you are – Even the most cynical of gals want to be pampered on V Day! Just one day; One day a year that is set aside for everything love, romance, flowers and candy. One day where us gals secretly hope (Of course without saying anything to our guys!) that we are going to come home to rose pedals, and a homemade meal with champagne and lobster. One day where we don’t have to clean the house or worry about bills, where everything is taken care of for us.

… DREAMING! I have had better Valentine’s Days by myself, having wine and snacks watching a sappy chick flick that my fiancé would never watch with me! Everything is so hyped up on Valentine’s Day, you’re BOUND to be let down in some capacity. It’s a sad reality, but it’s true! You know what should never let you down, gals?! Your BRA! For real, hear me out on this one!

Whether you are having a romantic night out on the town with your love, or a low-key night in with friends, you should be considering what bra you’re going to be wearing! If someone is going to be seein’ it, it had better be lookin’ pretty (You know what I’m saying, gals?!) Even if it’s just you that will be seeing it, who better to pamper you than YOU! But how do you know what bra to wear on the Holiday of Love?! Well, ThirdLove* has got you covered!

I was recently introduced to ThirdLove and was prompted to create a post with Valentine’s Day in mind. In case you are unfamiliar, ThirdLove is a lingerie company that is known for awesome bras and bra fittings! On the most hyped up, mushiest day of the year, what you have planned will determine what type of bra you should be wearing to compliment your perfect outfit! Now I know this seems like a lot of work; What if I don’t know what I have planned? What if my plans change? How am I supposed to know what bra goes with what event? That’s what this Quiz is for! To make things easy for us gals who have a million things going on all at once!

Try it for yourself! Pick your path, and it will tell you what your Bra Personality is!
The Perfect Bra for your Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfit!
Let’s do this, shall we?!


So! – Was your result what you expected? Mine definitely was – I’m a romantic through and through, a sucker for everything that Valentine’s Day brings (Unlike my fiance who despises Valentine’s Day), so Lovely Lace was no surprise for me! I think this would fit my romantic style perfectly!

If you liked this post, please check out ThirdLove online! I had never heard of this company before, but I am very intrigued; I think they bring something new and exciting to the Wonderful World of Bras! They have created an App that you can download (For iPhone or Android) that makes getting sized a breeze … And in the comfort of your own home, I might add! (Who doesn’t want that?!) If you check them out and are interested in purchasing, ThirdLove* has been kind enough to give a Discount Code for all of my readers; 15% off your Perfect Valentine’s Day Bra! Use the code VALENTINE15

We all wear one; Why not make it a good one, right?! Thanks so much for reading guys! I know this was a different type of post for my blog, but I really hope you enjoyed it!

Chat soon! Xoxox



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