It’s That Time of Year Again!


Hi guys! Welcome back! Today we are going to be talking about what I have decided to give up for Lent. I try to do this every year – Give up something meaningful that is going to help make me better in some way. I have decided that if I write it down here, there is some accountability and I have all of my readers to get mad at me if I don’t accomplish my goal, right?! Let’s talk about what I’m giving up, shall we?! 

So let’s get one thing straight – I am not catholic. I don’t fast, or pray – but for me, Lent is a time for giving up something you love. Something that you do too much. Something that is going to make you a better person in some way. Honestly, it’s 40 days. It’s not a life time – And I really wanted to think of something this year that I have been doing a lot and that wouldn’t hurt if I couldn’t do it. I wanted to do something outside the ordinary – Usually people try to not smoke or drink, give up coffee, chocolate or take out – But I have decided that the one thing that I could afford to give up, is BUYING MAKEUP!

Guys seriously – It’s going to be a LONG 40 days. But I have thought this through and I really feel that this is a good challenge for me. I have been on a tear since starting my blog – Buying all the new products so that I can use them and tell you guys about them – And it is really starting to add up.

I am getting married in August and let me assure you, Weddings are NOT cheap! This will be a good testament to my future husband that I understand we are in this together, we are a team, and that I am going to pull my weight in paying for our wedding. I have spent A LOT of money on makeup in the last little while, and if I were to put that money towards our wedding instead of purchasing makeup, I’m quite certain that I would have a hefty chunk of change ready to go!

Being that I still have a blog, and seeing that I will be unable to purchase makeup for the next 40 days to talk to you guys about, I will have to come up with some other creative posts! I will have to dip into my Makeup Archives to find products that I haven’t used in a while. I will have to use the products that I already have in different ways to ensure that I don’t purchase anything else. I will have to try new (old) looks or techniques for posts and videos and everything that I would normally write about.

To be honest, I am quite excited about this (As is my future husband!) Again, I think this is going to be a really hard but awesome challenge to prove to myself and my fiance that I do have SOME will power! That I have SOME self control! And now that all of you are aware that this is my challenge, I will be held accountable! No cheating!

Do you guys give up anything for Lent? If so, what have you decided on? If you haven’t decided and you are looking for something, I encourage you to join this journey with me! If all of us Makeup Addicts band together, we can do this! Save some money and be creative with our posts and videos! 😉

Alright guys, that’s it for now… I’m going to go cry over the death of my Makeup Purchases for the next 40 days. But seriously – It’s only 40 days.. I can do this … Right?! 😉

Thanks for reading guys! Chat soon! Xoxox



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