Newest Additions to The Makeup Fam!


Hi guys! Welcome back! Today I wanted to share with you the newest additions to my makeup collection! I am very excited for these products and I can not wait to try them all! Want to know what they are? Then let’s get to it, shall we?! 

On Friday, after a LONG week at work, my fiance texted me and said that there were 2 surprises waiting for me when I got home. Honestly, what could be better on a Friday?! I rushed home only to find gold – My latest Sephora AND ColourPop orders! I was so excited! I love getting my new stuff and checking out everything, swatching all the products and trying to explain to my fiance why I need 7 different ‘brown’ liquid lipsticks (Of course they are all different shades, all unique and gorgeous – but to him they are all just brown … He doesn’t love makeup like I do ;))

Anyways, I purchased some stuff that I am super excited to try, that I think are going to be awesome! So let’s just get to the products, shall we?!

We’ll start with Sephora.

Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Matte Rescue Mattifying Gel  – Does it not say everything you need to know in the name of the product?! I saw a teaser of this product on Benefit’s instagram page a while back, and I knew then and there that I would be buying it. I soon after saw this in one of Casey Holmes’ videos and she said it was amazing so of course I bought it the next day. This product is supposed to absorb excess oil, reduce shine, and minimize the appearance of pores. UM YES PLEASE! I’m sure that everyone has heard of the POREfessional Face Primer which I absolutely LOVE! It really does fill in my pores and make them look WAY less visible, so I am hoping that this gel will be even better than that one! I will definitely keep you updated.

Clinique Exfoliating Scrub – This is clearly not a makeup product, but I just ran out of my usual scrub (The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Scrub – which has been sold out online and in my local store for a month now! BOO!) So I decided to try something new. I was never really the biggest fan of exfoliating my skin growing up, because I always felt like it was too harsh on my very sensitive, acne prone skin. But in more recent years, I have really felt that it has made my skin look and feel much nicer, especially if I use my Olay ProX Exfoliating Brush. I read a lot of good reviews from people with similar skin to mine, so I figured that I would give this one a shot. I am hoping that I am going to love it more than my usual face scrub!

Okay guys – Now the product that I am STOKED about: Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation! I can’t even remember the last time that I was this excited about a new foundation (Well, actually I can .. Every time I buy a new foundation I am frigin obsessed with it!) Again, I first heard about this product in a Casey Holmes video, and what she said about this foundation made me want it immediately! This foundation is a non-oily formula that perfectly evens colour. It is also enriched with Poreless Effect skin care essence, leaving the skin’s texture looking more refined with each wear … Again .. YES PLEASE! When I heard that it was going to make my skin look nicer with each wear, I was sold 100%. I hope it works! I am actually thinking of maybe filming a first impression with this foundation so I can give you my real first thoughts and opinions. What do you think?

I also received some cool free gifts with my purchase (Well, some of them were ‘bought’ with the points on my account but HEY! Free is free!) The three that I am most excited about are:

I have heard really great things about all of these products and I can not wait to test them out! I will definitely keep you posted on which are Bomb or Bust!

Now onto ColourPop!

If you have followed my blog for a while, you will know about my addiction to ColourPop! I think they are AMAZING quality with even better prices (Although, I live in Canada so the exchange rate kills me – But it’s well worth it!) I recently purchased a bunch of their new Liquid Lipsticks and some Lippie Stix as well!

I purchased 7 lip products – I know maybe a tad excessive but I love every one of them!

ColourPopCrop How stunning are these?! (You can now see what I was saying about my fiance saying they were all ‘brown’ .. Oh how wrong he was!)

Anyways, these are the shades I purchased – From the top: Taurus Lip Pencil, Taurus Lippie Stix (Created by KathleenLights – If you watched my last YouTube video, you would have known that these were the first things on the list!), and Trust Me were the Lippie Stix in my order.

Now for the Ultra Matte Lips!

StingRaye, Trap, Beeper and Lumiere 2 (Which was also created by KathleenLights – I can’t help it, okay!?)

I plan on doing a video to swatch all of these beauties for you guys so you can see how beautiful they really are!

Honestly, there is not too much that makes me happier than a bunch of new makeup! Is that terrible? 😉

Thanks for reading guys! I will keep you posted on my Bombs or Busts! Do you guys love any of these products? Let me know!

Chat soon! Xoxox





5 thoughts on “Newest Additions to The Makeup Fam!

  1. Trap and Lumiere 2 are the prettiest mlbb shades in the bunch. Niice haul! Give Bourjois City Radiance Foundation a try. I compared Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation to the Dior one that you bought in store and I couldn’t tell them apart. This newer foundation City Radiance is even better! I have a review on my blog. I hope you like the Dior. You may be able to get the same finish for less. Bourjois also uses great ingredients. Their Healthy Mix is filled with fruit extracts, which is why I didn’t go high end in the end. I’m in love with their newest foundation! Nice haul. 😉💄👏


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