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Hi guys! Thanks for coming back! Today, I would like to talk about Mascara. Since I started my blog/Facebook Page/KDB Beauty, I have received a LOT of questions about mascara. What is a good brand to buy? What are some of my favourites? So today, I thought I would go in depth about some of my favourite drugstore and high end mascaras! Interested? Keep reading!

Okay, so this post was inspired by a friend of mine that I work with (Becky, if you’re reading this – This is for you, gal! ;)) We were chatting one day and she asked me what mascara I would recommend for her. I asked her what she looked for in a mascara; Volume, length, definition. She responded with “I don’t know” which lead to our discussion. And she hasn’t been the only one lost in mascara limbo! I feel that mascara is a product that can make SUCH a difference in your eye look when you find one that works for you and does what you need it to do. So I decided that I would give you my thoughts on what mascaras I like and what they do for me. These may not work for you depending on what you need, but any information is good information, right? Also, I like things in threes, so that’s how we are working this today! Okay, let’s get to it, shall we?!

Before we begin, I will just tell you what I like/look for when choosing mascaras. I am a volume gal! I have very long eyelashes so I don’t really look for lengthening mascaras. I like big, fat, luscious lashes with tons of volume. I do not use eyelash curlers, and I do not use falsies all that often (Unless I need to look super glamorous, which is rare). So now that you have a bit of information about what I like, onto the mascaras!

We will start with drugstore, seeing as they are more affordable and every time I walk into a drugstore I end up leaving with a new mascara. I can’t help it! They are constantly coming out with new ones, and I like to try them to see if they are worth enough to become my new go to!

Okay! Here we go!

Volum' Express® Pumped Up! Colossal™ Washable MascaraMascara #1 – Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal Volum’Express Mascara. This is an oldie but a goodie! This was my GO TO mascara before I decided I was going to spend all the money I make on high end products. It says that this mascara has the first ‘double curved stem’ that helps scoop up extra collagen for 16x the volume in every stoke.

Let me be real with you – I LOAD mascara on my eyelashes. I know people say that one coat will do them fine, but not me. I keep adding until I like the volume and look that I have achieved. This mascara did not make my lashes clumpy, even after adding multiple coats and it also didn’t flake (Which is a huge plus! I hate when I go through the entire day and THEN notice that there are little black flakes of mascara on my face… Sweet…) Anyways, this mascara really does give amazing volume and it’s super buildable without being clumpy. However, if you are a length mascara gal, you probably won’t dig this. This mascara doesn’t add a ton of length, or even a ton of curl. I am fine with that, but some people may not be. All in all though, this product is great.

Voluminous Miss Manga<sup>TM</sup> Blackest BlackL’Oreal Miss Manga. This mascara was all the rage to me after I had heard Casey Holmes rave about how great it was! (If you don’t know who Casey Holmes is – Shame on you! Check her out! She is one of my original 3 YouTube Loves!) As soon as I tried this mascara once, I loved it! For starters, the brush is awesome! It is the ‘360 Flexor Brush’; It is much more narrow at the tip than at the base, which is great when putting mascara on your bottom lashes. (Regardless of the brush, I always manage to get mascara all over when applying it to my bottom lashes … I’ve learned to deal with it.) This mascara is supposed to give 15x the volume and be flake-free all day. I think all of these facts are true; It is very volumizing and it is flake free. I did feel that this mascara gave me a bit of length, but that’s not what it is made for. This again is a mascara made for volume, and it definitely delivers!

Telescopic Shocking Extensions Mascara<sup>TM</sup> BlackL’Oreal Telescopic. Okay – So for all you Length mascara gals, this one is for you! I bought this mascara because Carli Bybel (My very first YouTube Love) uses this religiously! She raves about this mascara and uses it in a TON of her videos, so I figured that if she loves it, I would too. (I believe she uses the ‘Carbon Black’ version of this mascara, but when I bought it, this was the only one I could find.) When I read the package it said that this mascara ‘provides distracting length and extreme lash impact’. So I thought, ‘Okay, length .. Meh .. But lash impact sounds promising!’ And it was. This brush is one of those hard plasticy brushes, with 200 bristles on it to ‘intensify and extend every lash’ by 65%. Damn! That’s crazy! This is the mascara that I recommend to a lot of people because this is works for a lot of people regardless of what they usually look for in mascara. This gives length and definition, which a lot of people need, and without saying it on the package, it also does give SOME volume. Not the volume that I like, but enough that I used the mascara until it was gone. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, length or volume, I would suggest starting with this one. This will help you decide!

Okay, now onto my high end products. For the most part, these mascaras have only been my loves for a few months (Because it was just recently that I decided to spend every last penny on makeup!) Here we go!

Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes. This was the very first high end mascara that I bought, and I was not disappointed with my decision. I absolutely love this mascara. This is a 4-in-1 mascara that is lengthening, curling, volumizing and conditioning. It is also supposed to condition, treat and protect lashes. So when I read about this mascara, I thought to myself ‘This mascara is everything; Length, volume, curl’ What more would a gal need?! Seriously – This product DELIVERS! I used this mascara every day for months. It makes your lashes look insanely beautiful. They are long and luscious and just super stunning. Seeing as it is also conditioning, your lashes don’t get all stiff and you can add as many coats as you like without it getting clumpy or flakey. If you aren’t sure what you like, and you are willing to spend the money, this is another great mascara to start with. This gives you everything that you could want in a mascara, even if you aren’t sure what you want!

FULL EXPOSURE MASCARASmashbox Full Exposure Mascara. I actually didn’t purchase this mascara; I received it in an Ipsy bag! (So technically I DID purchase it, seeing as I have a monthly subscription that I pay for .. But let’s just move forward.) This was one of the best products I have received in any of the Ipsy bags so far. I was super excited to see this product, seeing as Smashbox is a great name brand and I absolutely love getting mascaras. I didn’t know anything about the mascara when I received it, but I immediately fell in love with it. This mascara is lengthening and volumizing with 104% increase in lash volume. YES YES YES! The first time I tried this mascara, I was hooked. The level of volume is right up my alley! This gave me really big, bold volume that I absolutely love! The only down side I found was that after a while, it did start to flake off and I was constantly looking in the mirror to make sure I didn’t have mascara all over my face. I do love it, I just use it a bit more sparingly now. Like I wear it to work; Just a couple coats, I don’t overdo it and it seems to be much better in the flaking department. If you are a volume gal and you haven’t tried this product, please do. You will love it!

And last but definitely not least – My newest obsession …

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara! I don’t even know where to start. I bought a sample size of this product on a whim when I was shopping on boxing day. I had read a lot about this mascara, yet I never had the desire to try it. I can not believe I waited to long. This mascara is EVERYTHING! Another oldie; This mascara has been around for quite some time now, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I have this in my collection. This mascara gives you ‘lush, incredibly intense lashes’ that are ‘full, defined, and stretched to unbelievable lengths.’ YES IT DOES! When I apply this mascara, my lashes look amazing! I could probably get away with telling people that they are falsies (But why would I? I’m proud of these babies!). They are so long, and voluminous and absolutely stunning. I could ramble for 20 years about my love for this product, but I’m not going to. If you want your lashes to look amazing, just do yourself a favour, and BUY THIS! You will not regret it!

Alright guys! I hope this information can help you or someone you know in some way. Everyone is always looking for a good mascara, right? So hopefully some of you will try these ones out! Are any of these your favourites? If you do try any, definitely give me your thoughts. I am interested in what other people think of these babies!

That’s it for now! Chat soon guys! Xoxox



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