ColourPopXKathleenLights – Review and Swatch


Hi guys! Thanks for coming back! Today’s post is actually a new YouTube Video! YAY! 

I have just uploaded another YouTube video for you guys. This video is a Review and Swatch of the ColourPop Cosmetics X KathleenLights Quads and 1 of the Lippies! These quads are so stunning – I absolutely love them and am SO happy that I finally purchased them. The first collab quad, Where the Light Is has some beautiful colours for day time looks. The second quad (That has been my absolute obsession!) Where the Night Is is AMAZING! Perfect for a really bold night/going out look! If you don’t have this, you need to buy it! Honestly!

I also bought one of the Lippies (Which I am REALLY upset about – You’ll see in the video!) It’s called “Aqaurius” and the Lippie Pencil might be one of my all time favourite colours! It’s like a nude kind of pink; It’s like the colour of your lips only better!

Anyways, I’m not going to ramble on! If you want to see my thoughts on these products, then please check out my YouTube channel! I am still kind of uncomfortable filming (Obviously – It’s awkward talking to a camera in your bathroom!) So please, be kind. I will get better, I swear! Please don’t forget to subscribe and thanks so much for the support!


Chat soon guys! Xoxox



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