My Makeup Brush Set – First Time Use and Review

My Makeup Brush Set Review

Hi guys! Thanks for coming back! I am so sorry that I have been so absent lately! I have been struggling trying to balance a full time job, planning a wedding, and making time for my blog. I constantly have stuff going on during the weekends, and I feel that I am slacking in the posts/videos department – But no more! I am back today with a rather exciting post! This weekend, I had my very first photo shoot as a makeup artist! It wasn’t all glitz and glam, but it was super fun! And I finally got to use the ‘My Makeup Brush Set’ brushes that I bought so long ago! Want to see what I thought of them? Keep reading!

So, if you read my post about my Makeup Collection (Which was one of my first posts, so I don’t blame you if you haven’t read it) you would know that I bought these brushes FOREVER ago, and never used them. At first I didn’t open them because I was comfortable with my own routine and then when I decided I wanted to do this ‘makeup artist’ thing for real, I thought I would use these brushes on my clients. I heard about My Makeup Brush Set on Facebook, actually. It came up as an advertisement in my News Feed and my best friend had just been complaining about how she didn’t have any makeup brushes! So I checked them out, read a million reviews and decided to buy her a set, and me a set! Over 2 years later, I was finally able to take the plastic off these brushes!

As I was saying, I was at my first photo shoot this weekend; A friend of mine had asked for my help with a project she had been working on and I was more than happy to help her out! I do not get a whole lot of practice doing makeup on others (Except for my best friend who doesn’t know the different between a foundation brush and an eye shadow brush) so I try to say Yes to every opportunity that comes my way. And these looks were not your typical makeup looks – So it really challenged me and my creativity as a makeup artist.
*Side Note: The shots should be ready soon – As soon as I have them, I will put them up for you guys to see!

Anyways, onto the review of the brushes! Okay – So I bought the Jet Black Brush Set. I really love the sleek, professional look of everything all black. This set comes with 24 brushes – Honestly, every brush you would need – Foundation brushes, eye shadows, fan brushes etc. They all come with plastic on the brushes to make sure they aren’t deformed, and in a sleek, vegan, leather case (Which is super nice – And makes them easy to just throw in my kit without having to wonder if I have them all!)

MyMakeupBrushSet     MyMakeupBrushSet2


The brushes are way better quality than I was expecting! They are super soft and there is different size brushes for whatever you need. I loved using them, and the models said they were really nice on their skin!

After this weekend, I decided that I wanted to have a set that I could use too – So I purchased another Jet Black Set for myself! I do have certain makeup brushes that I use all the time, but this is a complete set, which I really like. There are brushes for everything, and different sizes that I don’t currently have. I am so excited to get to use them on myself!

Anyways, that’s about it for this review! If you are looking for some good quality, reasonably priced brushes – Definitely check these ones out! I think you will be pleasantly surprised – They really are a great bang for your buck! If you have these brushes, what do you think of them? Were you as surprised as I was with the quality for the price? Let me know!

Thanks for reading guys! Chat soon! Xoxox



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