January Ipsy Glam Bag!

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Hi everyone – Thanks for coming back! Today I am going to go through my January Ipsy Glam Bag and tell you about all the products that I received as well as my first thoughts on them! This month was all about the eyes; All Eyes On You! Which I was excited about because who doesn’t love eye makeup, right?! However, all in all, I was rather disappointed with this month’s bag. Want to know why? Keep reading!


First things first – HOW CUTE IS THIS MONTH’S BAG?! Oh my god – I think it is absolutely adorable. I may even use this as a clutch some time! It’s too cute not to! But with that being said, the bag is probably my favourite part of the Ipsy bag this month… And that is probably not good. I’m supposed to be excited about the products, aren’t I?! Anyways, let me tell you about the products.


OFRA Cosmetics Universal Eyebrow Pencil. I was quite excited about this product. I don’t own many eyebrow pencils … And by that I mean I own ONE brow pencil that I LOVE and a ton of powders. So I thought ‘Great! I have wanted to try some new brow products so this might be good!’ .. Lord, was I mistaken. So I used this product this morning and I am not a fan. It is a typical eyebrow pencil; Nothing special. But when I started to fill in my brows this morning, it wasn’t smooth, it didn’t fill in my brows nicely at all. Maybe the consistency is too thick? I’m not sure.. But it kind of went on my brows a little .. chunky? For lack of a better word. All in all, I was not a fan. I had to get my spooly out and do some serious recon on these bad boys! The one good thing about the thick texture is that it almost reminds me of a wax; And while I was going over my brows, it kind of stuck them down and kept them in place. I will probably try it one more time, but for my first impression, I was not a big fan at all.

Next up is theBalm Cosmetics Mr. Write (Now) Eyeliner. I have been wanting to try theBalm products for like months now (Since everyone has been obsessed with the Mary Lou Manizer! I need to get my hands on that!) so I was kind of excited to see that I received this in my bag this month. To be honest, the colour isn’t really doing much for me. I received the shade Jack B Bronze which, obviously, is a bronze/brown type shade. I only swatched it on my hand, but the colour was just blah. The texture seems nice; It glided on my hand like butter but I’m not sure if or when I am ever going to use this product. I would like to give it a try but I don’t really wear many browns on my eyes, as I like black on my hazel eyes, but we’ll see. Maybe I will switch it up one day 😉

Okay, next is J.Cat Beauty Blinkle Shimmer Eyeshadow. I received the shade Tangerine Light and to be honest, this might be the best product in the bag. The description of this product says that it is a ‘super-saturated colour with ultra-fine shimmer’. The colour is really pretty; An orangey, pinky, goldy shade. I swatched it on my hand when I opened the bag, and the pigmentation was surprisingly good! Again, I don’t really love these kinds of colours on my eyes, I am more of a cool toned gal, but I really do think this is a pretty colour and this may be the only product I use out of this bag.

The next bust is the Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes CURL. Don’t get me wrong, getting mascaras in these bags is my FAV! Mascara might be my very favourite makeup product, and I love trying all and any new mascaras. But this one was kind of a let down. The description says that the mascara ‘continually curls lashes throughout the day’ and ‘holds the curl of lashes for long-lasting results’. It also says that this mascara ‘creates dramatic volume and intense definition, while allowing lashes to remain soft and light’. First things first – Volume .. Absolutely not. I have very long eyelashes, so I do not usually buy mascaras that are made for length; But my LOVE for volumizing mascaras is REAL! This mascara did not give me volume. It did give me definition by separating my lashes, but I am not a huge fan of the ‘spidery’ look for lashes. It’s not terrible, it’s just not the type of mascara that I am drawn to. My lashes are super soft and not crusty, but all in all, I will probably not be using this mascara again.

And last but not least … Well actually .. Yes – The very least .. The skyn ICELAND Travel Size Glacial Cleansing Cloths. This seeeeems like it would be a good product; Quick, easy, natural. However, I will probably never be using these. It does say that they fight breakouts and soothe stressed complexions, but I am VERY skeptical when trying new cleansers on my face. I have terrible acne prone, oily, skin and it has taken me years to get it under control and to find products that really work for me. So when I find them, I tend to stick with them. I am too terrified to try new things in case the absolutely ruin my skin. I will probably give these to my best friend (Who has the most perfect skin – Not oily, never a breakout in sight .. And lazy to the point where I have seen her two days after we go out with the same makeup on) and she may get some use out of them!

Okay guys – That is it for my January Ipsy Bag thoughts and reviews. I really love getting these Ipsy bags; I think it is a great service. Being sent makeup products every month, most that I have never heard of or would never have purchased myself, for a GREAT price. And I haven’t been a subscriber for that long, but I am hoping that I start to receive more products that I might actually use. I have retaken the Ipsy Quiz after receiving this bag so I guess we will have to wait and see what next month brings!

Did you guys receive any of the same products? Did you feel the same way that I did? Do you have any suggestions about what to do with the products that I’m not in love with? Let me know! I love hearing suggestions!

Thanks for reading guys! Chat soon! Xoxox



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