KDB Beauty = MUA Certified

Trendimi MUA Pic

Hi guys! So today’s post is a little different. It’s not about makeup, or different looks, or oils .. It’s about learning! It’s about a course that I recently completed and wanted to tell you guys about. This post is about the online Make Up Artist Certification Course that I have completed! YAY! Want to hear all about it? Keep reading!

Okay, so as you have probably guessed, seeing as I am an aspiring makeup artist, all I know about makeup I have taught myself by experimenting on myself and friends, reading about the latest trends or watching YouTube videos. Anyways, I have really been interested in taking an MUA Certification course, but having to pay back school loans, and having a wedding to save for, the funds aren’t always at my disposal. So a couple months ago, a friend of mine sent me a link to a Groupon for an online makeup course for 20$. Now I know what you’re thinking – “20$ .. How legitimate can this course be?” – And I am with you! I felt the exact same way; But after a couple days of thought, I decided that all learning is good learning right? For 20$, if I learned even one new thing, I believe that it is worth it. (With that being said, I don’t believe this is a full fledged MUA Certification, But it’s a start, right?!)

Anyways.. So I paid for the course, and pretty much started it right away. I was super eager to get this show on the road; Get learning so that I could receive my certification and officially be a makeup artist! Yay!

The course was through the website Trendimi; They offer ‘accredited online courses’ for tons of different things such as Fashion Management, Wedding Planning, Nutritionists and Photography. The course is broken up into modules (different sections or areas of study), and you have to pass each module to go onto the next. First there are lessons; You read through the information, watch the videos and answer the questions. Then there is a practice section; There are different things that were just taught that they ask you to practice. Whether that be looking in the mirror and figuring out what your face shape is, or applying certain colours of eyeshadow to see what colours compliment your eyes. Then there is the exam portion which is pretty self explanatory. You have to answer questions about the concepts that you just learned and then you are graded on how well you do.

Once you go through all the modules, you are given a Certificate as well as your transcript, and an ICOES certificate as well. The ICOES is the International Council for Online Educational Standards which is what the program is accredited by. (I’m not even 100% sure what this means, but doesn’t it make it sound so much more legitamate?!) 😉

So I have been reading about some of the Pro Membership programs on some makeup websites, and most of them require at least 80 hours of study time. This course says it is 50 hours; So I don’t know I would be eligible for any of the discounts or whatnot. That’s clearly not why I took this course; It would just help now that I would like to get a kit together.

Anyways, the course was okay, at best; Most of what was being taught, I already knew. But like I said, all learning is good learning. And in a business like this, where things are always changing and new trends are always emerging, you can really never stop learning. I am happy that I took the course, regardless of how legitimate it is, and I am looking forward to putting my effort into creating a kit, getting some clients and starting my career as a Makeup Artist!




Alright, so that’s it guys! I hope you liked this post; I know I sure did! I have a couple more surprises for you guys up my sleeve, that I am hoping to reveal soon! I am super excited to be starting this new journey! Keep your eyes pealed for KDB Beauty guys – 2016 is MY year!

Thanks for reading! Chat soon Xoxox



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