OOTD; Bridesmaid Dress Shopping


Hey guys! Thanks for coming back! I thought I would just get a super quick post done before I leave to shop! Today, I am going with my bridesmaids to (hopefully) find them some dresses! YAY! This is what I’m wearing… 

UPDATE – Okay, so I thought I had posted this on Saturday before I went shopping, but apparently, I didn’t publish it, so it is going up today. You’ll be happy to know that my bridesmaids and my mom all found dresses for my big day!


So this is what I’m wearing. This oversized sweater from Forever 21 is probably one of the most comfortable things I have ever had on! And it is the perfect length for wearing with tights! I am completely obsessed with oversized sweaters for the fall/winter. So comfy yet still nice looking!
(On a side note, please don’t mind my bathroom mirror selfies – it is the only mirror I have in my home! And I wanted to make sure you could see my whole outfit!)

Also – on another side note … Highlight on FLEEK! Do you see what I’m saying!?


So here is my makeup of the day – Nothing special – Just the normal makeup that I wear when I am going out. Although, I am wearing my new Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Invasion. OMG – LOVE this colour! So so stunning! Oh, and also … Hello Christmas Tree!


Here are my bridesmaids, my mom and myself after we were finished shopping. I’ll have you know – They all said ‘Yes’ to the dress! 🙂

Anyways, that’s all for now! I will have another full post up this week!

Thanks for reading guys! Chat soon! Xoxox




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