Carli Bybel Palette Review!


Hi guys! Thanks for coming back! I am SO excited to be posting this today. I am going to be doing a review on … The BH Cosmetics CARLI BYBEL PALETTE! I have been waiting to get my hands on this product since before it launched! Unfortunately, I was too late the first time around, but FINALLY this beautiful creation is MINE! I can’t even express how much I love this palette, but if you are interested in learning about it, keep reading! CarliBybelBig cheesy grin – Happiest Gal! – Happy Birthday to ME!

Anyways, so for those of you who don’t know, Carli Bybel is a Beauty Blogger and a YouTuber who does makeup tutorials. She is the first beauty blogger that I fell in love with! She is so so stunning, and I just love everything she does. Anyways, so of course, when I heard that she was coming out with her own palette, you know I had to buy it!

The company that she teamed up with to create this palette is BH Cosmetics. I have actually purchased from BH Cosmetics before (After hearing about them in one of Carli’s videos) and I really like their products! They are super affordable and great quality for the price. I bought a plastic Beauty Organizer from their website, and honestly, it was probably one of my best makeup purchases! Now all my makeup has it’s own place and not just all scattered around my bathroom!

Anyways, now for the good stuff – On to the star of the show!

This is the palette! Um – HOW STUNNING IS THAT?! Absolutely LOVE the white and silver; Looks so clean and classic. So, in this palette there are 10 eye shadows and 4 highlighters. All of these colours just SCREAM to me! They are subtle yet gorgeous; Not too over the top so that all skill levels will be comfortable using them. There are some mattes and some shimmers which gives the perfect variety for a day time look or a glamorous night time look. Also, as I previously stated, BH products are super reasonable in price; This palette only cost me $12.50! AMAZING price for the quality of these shadows!

Here are the swatches of each row (The colours don’t have names, so I just did each row separately, from left to right):


Again, because of the shitty lighting in my apartment as well as me only having the camera on my iPhone, the pictures aren’t really doing the colours justice. I will link a photo of actual good swatches so you can see the colours in better lighting.

Okay, so let’s just get over the shitty pictures, and talk about the actual products. Oh my god! Are they ever GORGEOUS! They are all super pigmented, and amazingly blendable! The shimmer colours stand out amazingly on the eyelids. They are just stunning! I actually wore two of the colours last night, the 2nd shade from the top row and the 4th shade from the top row, and they were super pretty. I can’t wait to try different looks with this palette and show you guys my creations!

I guess that’s all for now! If you guys are interested in purchasing the Carli Bybel palette or other good quality/reasonably priced products, I highly recommend checking out BH Cosmetics. I think these colours would look beautiful on all skin types and I suggest everyone get your hands on it!

Chat soon guys! Xoxox



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