ColourPop Cosmetics Mini Review!


Hi everyone! Thanks for coming back!
As promised, I wanted to do a type of mini review today on a brand that I have fallen in love with – Colourpop Cosmetics! I have had these products for quite some time, but I have rarely used them until lately (Which I will explain later). I only have a few products from this company, but I feel like there is enough variety that I can tell you what I think! Obviously, I am not an expert; This is just one girl’s opinion! How I heard of ColouPop Cosmetics: The first time I heard about ColourPop Cosmetics was from one of my very favourite YouTubers, Jaclyn Hill. (Honestly, if you haven’t heard of her .. Do yourself a favour and check out her channel. She is amazing! I absolutely LOVE her! Just click that link, and you can thank me later!) Anyways, so as I was saying, she mentioned a few of this products in one of her videos and I because I’m obsessed with her, I feel the need to purchase anything she mentions.. So that is why I purchased these products! But really, it was a good buy – Not sad about it at all!

Website First Impression: When I first got to their website, I really liked the look of it. It looks like many other cosmetic websites; Bright, cheerful, colourful. And it is super easy to navigate which I am a big fan of! The different types products are under different tabs, which makes it easy to find like products.

Product Descriptions: So – I purchased three different types of products from this website; Eye shadows, Highlighters, and Lippie Stix! I was most excited about the lippie stix, because this is the product that Jaclyn used in her video that made me want to purchase from this brand! Everything is very reasonably priced; The eye shadows are 5$ each, the highlighters are 8$ each, and the lippie stix are 5$ a piece! How could you not want to buy a million different things at those prices right?! But I did control myself!

I have an obsession with neutral, shimmer eye shadows; Which you will see in this picture of the eye shadows I bought! I bought 4 different shadows, and because I spent over a certain amount of money (I think at the time it was like, over 50$) I received a FREE eye shadow as well!
EyeshadowsSo – Like I said – I really like neutral tones, so I basically bought 4 very similar eye shadows! But they are all different and beautiful in their own way. I feel like the picture without the flash (Left picture) is more true to the colours in person. for example, the shade ‘Birthday Girl’ is much more rosey in person, and on the right side, it looks much more coppery/goldy.

Thoughts on the Eye Shadows: To be honest, they are not what I was expecting. Now that’s not a bad thing at all! These shadows are super creamy, I mean more buttery than butter which is nice when applying, but terrible for longevity! I have super oily eye lids so these shadows completely slide off my lid. For real, in like an hour they are completely gone. I think that if I got an amazing eye shadow primer, this could be fixed, but so far, using my concealer as a base has not worked too good! If anyone has tried and true eye shadow primers that work, I would love to hear them and try some of them out!


Okay – Just as a side note – I know these pictures aren’t amazing, but all I have is my phone so let’s just move past that okay?!

Thoughts on Highlighters: Honestly, I only bought these highlighters because everyone is obsessed with them right now. I have super oily skin, so I am shiny! I don’t need any product to help me in that department, okay?! I put all this time into making my skin look matte, why on earth would I ADD a shine?! But I LOVE THESE! Again, the formula is so smooth and buttery, and the pigment is perfect. I actually have been really obsessed with Lunch Money for about a month. I LOAD that stuff on my cheek bones! Now that I am on the highlighter band wagon, I am looking to try out some different ones. I have heard amazing things about the Gerard Cosmetic’s Star Powders; which to me look rather similar to these shades, so I will have to get them! All in all, love these powders! Amazing!

And last but definitely not least …


Thoughts on Lippie Stix: I bought Cookie and Bound because they are the two that Jaclyn Hill talked about in one of her videos (I’m serious, I feel like I need to buy whatever she talks about!) I bought Tootsi because the description on the site sounded right up my alley! I love me a good dark nude/greige lipstick. Something about those colours always get me! Cookie is supposed to be a nude, but it is definitely not a nude for my skin tone. It is super orangey, and I don’t really love the way it looks on me. Bound is the same, supposed to be a soft pink/nude but again, the pink is to bright for me. But Tootsi; OH MY GOD! If I could only wear one lipstick for the rest of my life, it very well might be Tootsi! This colour is frigin stunning! I just can’t get enough of it! If you like darker neutral/greige type colours, you need to get your hands on this!

The formula of the Lippie Stix is great too! They just glide on your lips and feel so smooth. Tootsi and Cookie both have a matte finish, and Bound has a glossy finish. Even with the two of them being matte finishes, they are not drying or hard to apply at all. They are super pigmented and pretty as well!

Overall Review of ColourPop Products: Love them! Such great products for the amount of money that I spent. I would have to probably pass on the eye shadows if I were to do it over, but again, with a great primer this may not even be an issue. The formulation of the products are great, they are all super pigmented, smooth and buttery and they are just great products!

If you guys want to purchase anything from ColourPop cosmetics, click on the picture at the top of this post and it will take you right to their website! Christmas is coming up – Get yourself something nice!! 😉

I hope this post was informative for those of you on the fence about buying ColourPop Cosmetic products! Have you purchased anything from ColourPop? Let me know what you think! Chat soon guys! Xox



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