My Favourite Diffuser Combos!

YL Diffuser Combos-JPEG

Hi everyone! Thanks for coming back!
As you know, I LOVE essential oils (Specifically Young Living Essential Oils) and since I have started my oily journey about 5 months ago, I have been really excited to purchase new oils and experiment with different oil diffuser combos!

I have been collecting these oils for months now; Trying every oil I can get my hands on (Or that I can afford!) to see which ones are going to make the greatest impact on my life. I have quite a lot of oils…With that being said, I also have a few oils that are my favourites. Ones that I keep going back to, ones that I grab when I’m not sure what to diffuse. I created a little picture of some of my favourite combos. These are just a few that I love, that I diffuse all the time. Of course I do have other oils and combos that I use and love – But these are a few that I seem to go back to time and time again!

YL Diffuser Combos-JPEG

There are combos for different times of day, different ailments, or whatever else you may be feeling. If you can’t tell, I have an OBSESSION with Lemon! I can not get enough! I honestly diffuse this oil more than any other oil I own. You can’t go wrong with the crisp and delicious smell of Lemon. But also, Lavender is another one of my favourites. Referred to as the “Swiss Army Knife” of essential oils because … It is good for EVERYTHING! It is one of the most amazing oils! I use Lavender every single night when I’m going to bed, along with Cedarwood (Combo #3 up there^) to calm my mind and help me sleep soundly. I was telling a friend of mine that I have never slept better than I do now with this oil combo!

Other combos include things to get rid of odours in your house, or just to make your house smell yummy and inviting! The ‘Fall Combo’ has been one that I been using a lot for the past month (Obviously, because it’s fall!) It reminds me of the candles I used to be obsessed with burning this time of year only it’s way better! And there are no harsh chemicals or gross smell when you blow the candle out! (BARF!)

The first combo I ever diffused in my house was a combo of Joy and Purification. I didn’t know much about oils at the time, but I figured ‘Well, Joy sounds happy and Purification sounds clean …So really, that HAS to be helpful!’ I still love this combo! Every time I diffuse it, it reminds me of the beginning of this journey and how much I have learned and how much I use the oils now!

If you ever are interested in getting some information about the oils, do not hesitate to contact me! I love these oils and I would like everyone to benefit from them like I have!
KB-YLDistributorWell, that’s all for now! I am thinking of doing some kind of product review next (Depending on when my Ipsy bag gets here!)So please come back! Thanks so much for reading! Chat soon! Xox



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