Halloween Makeup!!


Hi guys!

Thanks for reading! So this weekend, it was Halloween! As you probably are unaware, I absolutely LOVE Halloween! I think it is one of the best holidays! I think it’s so fun to get to dress up, and have tons of makeup on, and be something awesome for just one day! With that being said .. Let me show you what I did this year! My finace and I didn’t plan on doing much for Halloween. We live in a basement apartment, so kids don’t really come to our house. So usually, we go over to my mom’s place to hang out with her and give out candy, which is exactly what we did this year. My brother and his girlfriend were going to a party that night, so I knew they would be dressed up, so I wanted to do something fun too (Because as I said .. I love Halloween!).
I saw this picture on Pinterest of a woman with half of her face painted as a skeleton and the other half with glamorous makeup, so I decided this is what I was going to attempt. My fiancé, being the sweet and accommodating man he is, agreed that I could paint his face as well (… He really does love me! ;))
So on Friday, my fiancé was working late, so I figured I should at least try the makeup once before the day I actually needed to wear it in case it was way too difficult or I didn’t like the way it looked. To my surprise, I actually LOVED the way it turned out! This was my first attempt:
Halloween3Not too shabby, right?! I posted this picture on my Instagram and the comments I got were not about how awesome the skeleton makeup was, but about how amazing the WING was! I was cracking up .. As if that is what people noticed first when they saw this picture. Regardless, I was super excited with the way it came out and couldn’t wait to do it on Halloween .. On myself and my fiancé.

So Halloween day was upon us. I was so excited all day; Trying to keep myself busy until I could start doing my makeup. FINALLY – I convinced myself that it was an appropriate time to start … Seeing as it took me quite a while the first time and now I had another face to paint!

After I finished my face, I moved on to my finace’s. Now, of course, he doesn’t wear makeup all that often (Considering he is a man…) So the whole time he complained about the makeup being on his lips and his eyes and that it was making his face itchy. But I didn’t care. We were going to match .. At least for one picture, right?! 😉 He finally shut up long enough for me to finish his makeup; And after it was done, he said to me, “Oh.. That actually looks pretty cool!” … As if I didn’t know how frigin cool it was! 😉

Here is how our “Other Half” makeup turned out … You see what I did there? My other half.. Because the opposite sides of our faces were painted .. And it really is my other half.. Okay. Enough of that. Here is the picture!

Halloween1I feel like I look better in the colour picture, but Josh looks way cooler in the black and white picture, so I put them together.

When we got to my mom’s, she thought the makeup was amazing and of course, took like a million pictures. This is one when we first arrived at my mom’s:

Halloween2All night, we ate candy, and watched movies, and my mom talked about how cool our makeup was. I was quite proud! Anyways, that’s it for our Halloween makeup post! I hope you guys had a safe and happy Halloween and I hope your makeup was on fleek! 😉
Thanks for reading! Chat soon! Xoxoxox



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