My Makeup Collection!


Hi guys!

Thanks for coming back! I figured that a good next step in starting my beauty blog would be to show you guys some of my makeup collection! Keep in mind that, of course, I do have more makeup than what I am about to show you, but this is the stuff that I feel is worth showing you! As I was saying in my first post, I have been completely obsessed with makeup over the last year or so. During that year, I have also been a student. So with that being said, I don’t own as much brand name makeup as I would like. But don’t you worry – I will be adding to that collection as soon as possible! For now, these products are my Tried and True. I love these products and they are all I use when I do my makeup! I have a lot of problems with my skin so when I am looking for a flawless face, I may wear more makeup than most but this is what I like. This is what works for me. Alright, let’s just get to it, shall we?!

I took these pictures, kind of in the order that I would put them on my face. Or in some cases, I just grouped like things together. So I’m going to start with primers and foundations and work my way to lips and brushes. Strap in, guys! This is gonna be a long one!


Primers are the newest craze. I know, right now, there is a huge controversy over primers and if they are even necessary. I use primers because I have very oily skin and very large pores. Personally, I like the way primers help with my skin issues. Right now, I use the MAC Fix+ after I have moisturized my skin. Then I use the Makeup Forever Step 1 Mattifying Primer all over my face to keep me matte. I then use the Benefit POREfessional just in my T zone to make my pores look smaller. I’m serious when I say I have a lot of skin issues – It’s like a chore putting makeup on! Another primer that I love is the MAC Refined Skin Zone Treatment. I’m not 100% sure if it is considered a primer, but that’s how I use it. I also have the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Minimizer. I used this for a bit, but I didn’t like the way it sat on top of my skin. I like everything to absorb into the skin, not sit on top of it! I am constantly buying new primers to see which ones work best for me. For now, these are my tried and true.


So – like I said, I grouped like things together. These are my foundations, concealers and setting powders. I go through foundations like nobody’s business! I love trying different foundations to see which ones work best for me. Which ones give me enough coverage. Which ones sit nicest on my face. You get the idea, right?! Currently, I am obsessed with these two foundations. I go back and forth between them; they both are amazing. The first one is the Makeup Forever Mat+ Foundation and the other is the the L’oreal Infallible 24Hour Foundation. These both are amazing foundations. Great coverage..Super buildable. I just love them. Concealers. Before a couple years ago, I had no idea what concealers were even for. Now, I couldn’t imagine doing my makeup without them. I have a few that I cycle through – the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer, and the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. The Nars and MAC concealers are pretty thick, which I like because I love the coverage. The Maybelline one I like when I don’t need a ton of coverage, or just don’t feel like putting on a ton of makeup. Next – Powders! I love loose powders. Because of my oily skin, I really load on the powder to make sure that everything is set and matte!The ONLY powder that I have used for the last few months is the Too Faced Primed and Poreless loose powder. It is amazing! It is the finest powder I have ever used. Talk about flawless – OMG – Smooth like butter! I can’t say enough about it – Let’s just say that I love it, and move on!

Eyes & Brows
Eyes & Brows

After my face is set and flawless, next up are brows! I have just recently started to fill in my brows. From the age of 16-23, my eyebrows were so thin, you could barely even see them. Last summer, I decided to let them grow back in. So needless to say, they are patchy and don’t grow in in some places .. So filling them in is a must! On another note – my eyebrows are sisters, not twins! I can only do so much, okay?! It was hard on them being so small for so long and then all of a sudden having to grow back! Anyways, I used to be obsessed with the Gerard Cosmetics Brow Bar to Go. I liked that it was a powder and that it was still natural looking. However, in pictures, I couldn’t even tell that I had filled them in. So, I decided to get a brow pencil. I really wanted to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, but I didn’t want to spend the money in case I didn’t like the look of a brow pencil. So, I purchased one from BH Cosmetics and WOW! It’s incredible. I love the way it makes my brows look! So – As if I need to say this – But .. Next brow stop – ANASTASIA, Here I come!

I put the mascara in this picture because .. Well, I only have a few and I didn’t want to have them in their own picture. I also go through mascaras like my fiancé goes through socks. I love buying all the newest mascaras. I have nice lashes, and I never wear false lashes so I am always looking for a new mascara for full, luscious, lashes! The mascara that I am completely obsessed with is the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara. It’s glorious! Makes my lashes full and long and amazing! I heard about this mascara through one of my YouTube Girlfriends and I knew I had to have it; And I’m so glad I did! Great purchase; Highly recommend everyone buys this mascara!


K guys, these are my palettes. They are a variety of different types of makeup – but I figured they could all be grouped together. My first palette love is the Kat Von D Shade and Light Palette. The contour palette is absolutely incredible. There are 3 contour shades and 3 highlight shades which is a great variety and you can use whichever suits you best. I love the pigmentation and shades of these powders! The Morphe palette you see there is actually the Jaclyn Hill Favourites palette. So much love for this palette – And this gal! (YouTube girlfriend #1 ;)) The colours of this palette are great and they are very pigmented. I’m not a huge eyeshadow fan .. especially for everyday seeing as I barely wear makeup to work, but when I am getting dolled up, this is my go to palette! The bottom right palette is actually a blush palette I got when I was in hair school. There are 12 different blush shades in the palette and I love the variety. I can choose a certain blush for whatever I am wearing or however I am feeling that day! The other two palettes on the right are eyeshadow palettes as well. As I said – I am not a huge eyeshadow fan but sometimes it just brings a little something extra to a look!


Okay – I know what you’re thinking – Why would I have a bunch of eyeshadows if I don’t even wear them. Because I want them, OKAY?! 😉
The single eyeshadows are from Colorpop Cosmetics. I just received them in the mail last week so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to play with them but I did swatch them on my arm and WOW! These colours are gorgeous. They are all shimmery and super pigmented! I heard about this brand from one of my YouTube girlfriends – of course! – And I waited quite some time to actually purchase them but I am so glad I did. I will give you an update once I have actually tried them on my eyes.

The palette that is there is from BH Cosmetics. It’s the Enhancing Eyes palette for brown eyes. I have hazel eyes – They are brown and green – But I really liked the browns and purples that were in this palette so this is the one that I purchased, (Also, YouTube girlfriend #2 did a look on her channel with this palette and of course I wanted to try it out). Anyways, I have only used this palette once, but I really liked it. The browns and purples really made my eyes stand out and look super gorgeous. I did a very subtle look with it for my first try; Next time I’ll be goin’ all out with purples!


Honestly, I love buying lipsticks. The thing is – I never wear them. I always feel like I’m going WAY overboard when I wear lipstick (Unless it’s to a special occasion or dinner or something where I can get over the top dolled up). I have an OBSESSION with Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks and lip glosses! My favourite lipsticks are Underground (which is a really cool toned taupey kind of colour – UGH GORG!) and Buttercup (which is a nudey, pinky kind of colour). These are the two lipsticks that I feel I can get away with wearing and not looking insane. Not everyone can pull off a bright red lip on a Wednesday, you know what I mean?! Gerard Cosmetics’ formula is just amazing – so smooth and creamy, and they don’t make my lips super dry which is always a plus with a matte lipstick.

I also have some Colourpop Lippie Stix which again, I just recently received in the mail. If I could have a signature lip colour, something that everyone said ‘Oh, That’s a Kaylee colour’, it would be Tootsi! This colour is the perfect shade for my skin tone. It’s a darker kind of nude, pinky, browny, taupey … It’s just the absolute best and I love it! I try to stick to more nude shades because again, I don’t want people to be like ‘Why does Kaylee look like a clown today?’ … You know?

Highlighters & Bronzers

Seeing as I am so pasty white currently, I use a lot of bronzer to help me look like I’m not a zombie! I have a BH cosmetics bronzer which is a little too orange for me. I’m hoping that when I get a bit more tan it won’t look as orangey but we’ll have to see. And my tried and true bronzer that I have used since I was in high school is a Rimmel bronzer from the drugstore. I love this bronzer and I never feel like it makes me look orange or too dark.
Highlighters are a relatively new obsession with people as well. I, for the most part, don’t like the shiny look at all on my face. I try SO hard to keep my face looking matte and not greasy all day, just to add some shimmer to it to highlight… Hmm. However, of course I buy them and always try them when I get dolled up because it really does just add a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to my cheeks. The ones that I am loving right now are from Colourpop Cosmetics. So shimmery and smooth and pigmented! I do like them when I put them on and they catch the light, but in my head I am constantly asking myself why it is necessary.


I don’t know why I am finishing with my brushes – Seeing as they are the first things I grab when I start my makeup but … That’s how we’re doing it today! These are not all the brushes that I own, but these are the brushes that I use when I am doing a full face of makeup. And yes – they are dirty – so sue me. I had just finished my makeup before taking these pictures and I wasn’t about to wash them, k?! Now that we have established that, let’s chat about these bad boys!
My all time favourite tool for makeup – my beauty blender. I don’t even know how I was able to put on my foundation without this little beauty. I am crazy about the way this applies my foundation; Doesn’t make me look cakey, doesn’t leave harsh lines on my face, blends amazingly! I used to apply my foundation with a foundation brush or my hands (WHAT?!) and I found that the circular motions of the brush or my fingers really made my dry patches look terrible! The beauty blender (Faux beauty blender as I got this one at a grocery store for 10$ compared to 60$ .. Just sayin’) is made to bounce on your skin to really get the foundation into it. Instead of rubbing, you kind of dab or bounce the sponge on your face. This is a terrible description, and I apologize but all you need to know is you need one of these in your life!
All the other brushes are drugstore or I received them when I went to hair school except for the 2 Sigma brushes and the My Brush Set kit. The Sigma brushes I bought because my YouTube Girlfriends all said how amazing they were; Yet I couldn’t afford a set so I just bought the two that I thought I would get the most use out of. They are great quality and I really do like them…When I do makeup on other people. Like I said, I do not like to use a foundation brush on my own face, but for other people it really does make their foundation look flawless. The My Brush Set kit I bought for my best friend for Christmas and decided to get myself a set as well. I haven’t even opened them. It’s been 6 months. WTH Kaylee! I just like my routine with my brushes and I don’t ever want to step outside of that. Hopefully some day soon I will stop being ridiculous and use these new brushes!

HOLY! When I said it was going to be a long one – I didn’t even realize it was going to be this long! I hope you guys didn’t get too bored while reading this. I was just trying to be thorough. I hope you guys learned something, and if you would like to know anything else, let me know!

Thanks for reading! Until my next post; Chat soon! Xoxo



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